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We help our clients to implement programs that encourage the community to act and provide real contributions to the waste crisis in Indonesia.

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Solid Effort To Reduce Waste Generation From The Source

According to recent BPS statistics, waste management ranks the lowest when compared to other environmental issues (energy, air pollution, transportation). At Waste4Change, we see this as a challenge to implement programs that encourages the community to act and give real contributions to the ongoing waste crisis in Indonesia through Community-based Implementation.

We Offer 2 Programs

Community Assistance

Planning and operational assistance for a minimum duration of 6 months to ensure the sustainability of the SWM program's within a certain area.

Encourage communities' aspiration and assist them to take actions on responsible solid waste management programs within their neighborhood.

Designed for neighborhood, city, offices.

Community Capacity Building

Community Based Capacity Building is a 3-days training activities for local waste organization's.

Deepen their understanding towards institutional management concept in waste sector and assist them to make a sustainable action plan.

Designed to empower Solid Waste Activists, Waste Banks, Government, Civil Society Group (TPS 3R managers), Communities and Academic Institutional to perform implement responsible waste management in their communities.

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Community Assistance In Institutions

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Community Assistance In Municapitalities

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Community Assistance In Tourism Sites

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Community Capacity Building

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