Community Assistance In Tourism Sites

Ecoranger in Pulau Merah Banyuwangi

Greeneration Foundation, Coca-cola Foundation Indonesia


About Solid Waste Management Research

Tourism in Indonesia is currently growing exponentially. This condition, if not properly planned, will have negative implications for the environment such as increased waste amount that will lead to health issues, environmental problems, and eventually the reluctance of tourists to visit certain destinations that are mismanaged.
Pulau Merah, with its astonishing sunset view and nice waves for surfing, is one of the emerging tourist destinations in Banyuwangi. It will almost likely face the said problems if there is no concrete actions to encourage a good waste management system and campaign.

Archievement Deliverable

Distribution Illustration

The formation of Eco Ranger: a group of local people that operates waste management systems and also educates tourists and locals about environmental issues.The Eco Ranger is formed to support the cleanliness and sustainability of their home-environment as one of the famous tourist destinations in Indonesia

Distribution Illustration

Technical assistance, capacity building, connecting partners and funding sources, assistance in making Standard Operating Procedure, and continuous monitoring and evaluation for 3 years

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