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Hear What Our Employees Have to Say throughout their Career with Waste4Change

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Tantin Yasmin
Senior Campaign Executive

Since I joined Waste4Change, I felt happy to be able to work, learn, and grow together with many great people full of ambition and positive energy in creating a better waste management ecosystem. I hope, through what I've done until today, I can make meaningful impacts and changes that will create a balance in the relationship between humans and the environment.

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Anissa Ratna Putri
Consult Division Manager

Since the first time I joined until today, Waste4Change has become my zone of comfort and growth. Through Waste4Change, I also have the opportunities to conduct research in the waste field which helps the private and governmental sectors to implement responsible waste management. Waste4Change also expands my network with many stakeholders on a matter of waste all around Indonesia.

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Martinus Devy Adrian Manorek
Head of Business Development

When I first joined the company, it never crossed my mind that I would spend 6 years here at Waste4Change. The vibrant working atmosphere and the sincerity to give real contributions towards the existing waste problems are what keeps me around. Clearly, Waste4Change accommodates my idealisms and dreams. It is suitable for individuals with young-spirited souls and a lot of energy who aspire to embody their ideas of environmental conservation into something real and concrete.

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Meydam Gusnisar
Head of Finance

Waste4Change is the right place for anyone who wants to give positive impacts towards Indonesia's waste management. The working dynamics here are what enabled me to improve my abilities. I also feel like I am contributing in creating waste management solutions for an even better Indonesia.

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Ridho Malik Ibrahim
Chief of Operational Officer

Getting the chance to witness and join Waste4Change since its very first journey is a valuable learning curve for me. Those times were not easy, but I went through it with joy. For me, Waste4change is not a mere working place, but also a home that I want to continue building in order to embrace and accommodate many more people who are determined to give waste solutions for Indonesia and even the world.

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Adhitya Prayoga
Head of Strategic Services

I have found my Ikigai by working at Waste4Change. I do not need to make up stories when the future generation asks me "What did you do in the fight against climate change?" I can proudly say "I did it with Waste4Change".

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Saka Dwi Hanggara
Campaign Manager

I found great colleagues and a fun working environment here at Waste4Change. In addition, I take pride in the works that we perform because we know that we're doing something great!

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Khairunnisa Yusmalina Humaam
Senior Campaign Executive

I joined Waste4Change ever since its organic waste processing methods were still very simple, and now we already have 2 effective organic waste processing methods, which are Open Windrow and Black Soldier Flies. From that process alone, I learned a lot about leadership, strategic thinking, and solution-based mindset. There is not a more suitable place for those who want to keep learning and develop themselves than in Waste4Change.

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Hana Nur Auliana
Corporate Strategic Executive

Waste4Change is a full package! It does not only serve as a place to develop a professional career, but also to channel all my ideas in order to contribute to the solution of Indonesia's waste problem. If you have an ambition to initiate big changes on Indonesia's waste management system, this is the place you are looking for! Experiment together with us and witness how your works became amplified as Waste4Change grows too.

W4C Internship Program

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Being an intern at Waste4Change will expose you to dinamic working environment at the Waste4Change's office for around 4 months. Interns get to choose the position that is in line with their backgrounds, skills, and passion in terms of contributing to a certain topic.

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