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Improve your solid waste management by conducting a thorough analysis and identifying the most appropriate system and programs.

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Research And Planning With Environment In Mind

Waste4Change provides consultation through Solid Waste Management (SWM) Research that aims to improve solid waste management by conducting a thorough analysis and identifying the most appropriate system and programs in cities, regions, building, or any other private/commercial institutions. It also aims to harness the advantages borne out of implementing responsible waste management.

Expertise and Experience

Solid Waste Management Feasibility Study

Waste Audit

Technical and Operational Design of SWM

SWM Regulatory Analysis

Behavior Change Analysis

Financial Analysis

Institutional Analysis

Stakeholders Mapping

Recycling Value Chain Analysis

Material Flow Analysis/ VCA

Marine Debris Study

Waste to Energy Feasibility Study

PTMP (Technical Planning and Solid Waste Management) / Waste Masterplan at City or District scale

Research Highlight

SWM Research in Institution

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SWM Research in Municipalities / Tourism Sites

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View Chain Analysis

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Marine Debris Study

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Waste to Energy

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Track Record SWM Research in Municipalities / Tourism Sites
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