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We provide a system to improve the recycling process of your brand-labeled waste. Online or offline store-- all could join in reducing the number of waste ends up in the landfill!

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About In-Store Recycling

Support The Recycling Of Your Brand-Labeled Waste

Designed to increase the material processing of brand-labeled waste throughout your company's business line. What we define as brand-labeled waste might resulted from the following:

  • Production process that resulted in product defect, reject, or residue from production process
  • Distribution process such as expired or defect products
  • Warehouse such as returns, second-hand, or broken
  • Consumer such as empty packaging or used products


Prevent your brand-labelled products from being misused (as regulated by Indonesian Government Regulation No.81 year 2012 concerning the Role of Producers)

Reducing the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill

Waste journey report

Help to increase recycling rate

What You Will Get

For this type of service, Waste4Change provides the facilities as follows:

Distribution Illustration

Comprehensive waste management system in the distribution line

Chart Illustration

Increase the number of waste that can be further processed through recycling method

Residu Illustration

Responsible waste management for residual waste (waste that are difficult to be recycled) without sending it to the landfills (on demand)

Waste Flow

Drop Image
Waste Segregation by Clients
Storage Image
Waste storage in client's store/ storage
Transfer Image
Segregated Waste Collection
Process Image
Waste Processing in W4C's Material Recovery Facility (MRF)
Landfill Image
Residue co-processing with RDF technology

* According to the contract with the client

Portfolio Highlight

Vida Place Image
Vida Logo

The Body Shop - Bring Back Our Bottle (BBOB) Program

Service Duration:
2015 Until Present

Waste Collected and Recycled:
33.447 Kg

Wisma Barito Place Image
Wisma Barito Logo

By Lizzy Parra - There is a Box for That (TIBFT)

Service Duration:
August - November 2019

Waste Collected and Recycled:
830.73 kg

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