The Mayor of South Tangerang Receives 35.000 Pieces of Nutritious Food and Beverage for Waste Officers and Waste Pickers in South Tangerang City

Since April 2020, Greeneration Foundation and Waste4Change have the initiative to do fundraising under the theme #DoNotForget #IndonesiaFightAgainstCorona in order to help waste officers and waste pickers in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, in various areas in Indonesia. At the end of the program, the total number of benefactors of the fundraising is 2.627 people.

This initiative obviously cannot be done alone. In fact, two large crowdfunding platforms in Indonesia, and BernihBaik, also participated in the fundraising, as well as other 96 collaborators from various waste communities and several media in Indonesia. The existing support from influencers is what also made the crowdfunding draws many people’s attention and encourage them to donate in helping our waste front liners.

Documentation from Greeneration Foundation

“Waste officers and waste pickers can be said as our rear guard against the transmission of COVID-19. Let’s together educate and keep them and their families safe by being more careful in managing our waste and to use a standard safety equipment from the government. This can be done by providing Safety Equipment and also nutritious food that will help protect them from the transmission of COVID-19. In addition, we also need to segregate our waste, especially medical and infectious waste such as disposable masks and tissues to prevent it from being mixed with other types of waste.”

M Bijaksana Junerosano, founder of Greeneration Foundation and Waste4Change.

Now, Greeneration Foundation and Waste4Change collaborate with Nestlé Indonesia and Ares SSG in order to once again help the waste officers and waste pickers amidst the pandemic. Aid in the form of nutritious food and beverage are given specifically for waste officers and waste pickers in South Tangerang. The logistic supports are directly received by the Mayor of South Tangerang, Mrs. Airin Rachmi Diany on Tuesday, 1st September 2020 at 10.00 a.m at the Mayor’s Office.  

Documentation from Greeneration Foundation

During the symbolization ceremony, representatives from relevant parties are present, namely Mr. Ganesan Ampalavanar, President Director of Nestlé Indonesia, Mrs. Debora Tjandrakusuma, Director of Corporate Affairs Nestlé Indonesia. As well as representatives from the donors: Representative from Ares SSG Capital, Mr. Jason Tabalujan, Founder Greeneration Foundation & Waste4Change, Mr. M. Bijaksana Junerosano, and Program Manager of ICEF Greeneration Foundation, Mr. M. Fahrian Yovantra.

“During times like this, we would like to be present and help as much as we can the marginalized communities who are most affected by this pandemic. One that becomes our utmost attention is none other than the waste officers and waste pickers, who have important roles in the development of a circular economy and the preservation of nature. By providing support in the form of nutritious food and beverage, we strongly hope that our brothers and sisters can remain healthy and safe in the middle of this global pandemic.”

President Director of Nestlé Indonesia, Ganesan Ampalavanar.

In line with Nestlé Indonesia, Mr. Jason Tabalujan as the Advisor to Ares SSG Capital Indonesia also expressed his employees’ strong commitment to contribute to addressing the current global pandemic and the problems that arise from it.

Ares SSG Capital possess various investment portfolios in Indonesia, including in South Tangerang. This aid comes from our SSG employees in Hongkong, who are willing to set aside some of their income in order to contribute in the fundraising to help address the global pandemic. Hopefully the Nestlé food products donated would nourish the waste pickers and their families

Mr. Jason Tabalujan, Advisor to ARES SSG Capital Indonesia.

The support that has been gathered hopefully can be used to help waste officers and waste pickers to keep them safe and healthy while making a living for their family during this pandemic. The Director of Greeneration Foundation also expresses her gratitude and appreciation for all donors and collaborators who are involved in the #DoNotForget #IndonesiaFightAgainstCorona.

Documentation from Greeneration Foundation

“We want to express our deepest gratitude for all collaborators and donors who have contributed in the fundraising for waste officers and waste pickers, who have now been distributed in 2 phases throughout 47 locations in Indoensia, including the aid that was directly delivered to the Mayor of South Tangerang. We believe that the help and contribution from all donors and collaborators will give a significant and huge help for the receivers of the support who are always at the front line in Indonesia’s waste management.”

Vanessa Letizia, Executive Director of Greeneration Foundation.
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