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Facts About Waste Produced on Holy Day and Big Event

In many cities in Indonesia, waste still becomes the main problem that is quite difficult to solve. Not only in big cities, it turns out that small cities also experience the same thing. Jakarta, Depok, and Mataram are three cities among hundreds which have an excessive waste problem. Every day, Jakarta produces 7,000 tons of garbage that not only produce by household waste but also business and office waste. Moving on to Depok city, according to Depok produces 1,300 tons of waste per day. Meanwhile, with a huge amount of waste Depok city currently lacks a garbage truck. Depok also encounters another problem which is overload landfill that can cause a landslide at any time. Whereas in the capital city of West Nusa Tenggara the city of Mataram, it produces less amount of waste compared to Jakarta and Depok. This city produces 400-500 tons of waste every day and it already difficult for the government to solve the problem. However, the amount of waste can certainly change at any time, especially during a huge event such as Eid day, New Year, or even concert.

Every year, the volume of waste often increase significantly both before and after the eid celebration. In 2018 on the day before eid, the volume of the waste from Jakarta that was sent to the Bantar Gebang landfill reached 7,781 tons. While on the first day of Eid, that number dropped to 1,286 tons. Not only during the Eid celebration, but a similar problem also occurs during New Year eve. In New Year celebration 2018 DKI Jakarta Environment Agency collected 780 tons of waste. However, in the New Year celebration 2019, the number of waste that people produced during the New Year eve was decreased to 237 tons. According to, the location with the most waste pile during the New Year celebration came from Monas area with 45 tons of waste, HI Roundabout with 22 tons, and Sudirman to M.H Thamrin with 26 tons of waste.


Although there was a decrease in the amount of waste that was produced during Eid and the New Year celebration, the volume of the waste was still massive and problematic, especially for the environment. Moreover, most of the waste was from disposable plastics which later cannot be recycled. These waste were from food waste, flyer paper, tissue, newspaper, even disposable raincoats which are going to create damage for the environment.

Waste that is produced during the big event or festival turned out not only cause a problem in Indonesia but also in several countries all over the world. One of a music festival that is also has a problem handling their waste is Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, California. According to data that was published by, in 2017 Coachella produced 107 tons of waste during 15 days of the festival. Meanwhile, only 20% of the total waste that able to recycle. Most of the waste that is scattered at the venue is produced from disposable plastic bottles. The lack of awareness from the visitors to throw away their waste in the trash bin provided, made it as one of the main problems at this music festival. Interestingly, the event organizer is trying to improve visitors awareness to maintain cleanliness and to reduce the amount of waste by simple yet interesting activities. During the festival, visitors could bring 10 used plastic bottles to the waste collection point and exchange it with a reusable water bottle. Not only that, the visitors who helped to collect waste also got souvenirs like a t-shirt, bag, poster, and others.


Not only giving souvenirs and attractive promos to visitors, but it would also be even better if there was cooperation between the organizers and visitors to reduce the amount of waste. The collaboration can be in the form of socialization from the organizers to the visitors to bring their own bottles to the event and bring an umbrella or raincoat that can be used many times. In addition, the event organizer can also work with food and beverage vendors for not to use disposable plastic, also provide special promos for visitors who bring their own food and bottles. With the high self-awareness about the dangers of waste for the environment, it will be very possible to reduce the amount of waste that accumulates in landfills. With these methods, the Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWTL) program will certainly run successfully.

So, what should be done if the socialization to reduce the use of disposable plastics and provide promos to visitors is no longer effective in solving waste problems that exist in the event venue? Event organizers can collaborate with an enterprise that providing waste management services to help them in educating the visitors and of course help in handling a waste problem in the venue. Waste4Change as social entrepreneurship that is engaged in waste management, offers a service known as event waste management (EWM). This program helps you solve waste problems in the event you make so there will be no waste that piled up in the event venue. Later Waste4Change will be segregate the waste more detail. Not only focusing on responsible waste management, but there will also be an educational booth on waste sorting for the visitors.

Waste Management Event from Waste4Change

One of our Event Waste Management clients in Jakarta Fashion Week 2019. The event, which took place during October 2018 at Senayan City Jakarta, is known as the largest annual fashion week in Southeast Asia. Wardah in collaboration with Jakarta Fashion Week and Waste4Change held a program named inspiring movement to increase public awareness in responsible waste management. During the event, we provided several programs in the form of waste less event planning, provided waste education booths and educators, held talk show for wise waste management, and done responsible waste management and transported waste in a segregated state. Not only that, but we also provide special dropping boxes for used Wardah packaging at the event location. This dropping box aims to support the collaboration between Wardah and its consumers in encouraging green lifestyles and participating in wise waste management.

Source: Waste4Change

Other than Jakarta Fashion Week 2019, Milo Jakarta International 10k event which held in July 2018 has also worked with Waste4Change for managing their waste event. All the waste at Milo Jakarta International 10k has been managed in a responsible way during the event. Also, the waste that we already collected, recycled optimally by implementing the concept of Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWTL). So that there is no waste that ends up in the landfill. To support the optimal recycling process, it is also necessary to educate visitors about the importance of responsible waste management. During the event, Waste4Change provided trash bins which were sorted in several locations and invited visitors to take part in the process of sorting waste. We also collaborate with Car Free Day Ades 2019 which was held in April 2019 and PRAISE in 2017.

Source: Waste4Change

Manage Your Event’s Waste to Divert it From the Landfill!

In need for a responsible and segregated waste collection service? You can use services from Waste4Change. Not only focus on event waste management (EWM), Waste4Change also provides waste management services for companies/restaurants/businesses/buildings (commercial waste collect) and also residential waste collect. To provide convenience to its customers, Waste4Change provides waste collection service for Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Depok and Bekasi areas. Check out more information about event waste management services at


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