Award4Change 2022 #MenapakBeriDampak: Waste4Change Appreciation of Responsible Waste Management Initiatives by Clients, Partners, and Indonesian Waste Management Enthusiasts

Bekasi, December 16, 2022 – Waste4Change (PT Wasteforchange Alam Indonesia) presents Award4Change 2022: #MenapakBeriDampak. The event was held as a form of appreciation for Indonesian clients, partners, and solid waste solution enthusiasts who have jointly created a positive and massive impact on the sustainability of the environment, economy,  and society in Indonesia. An interactive discussion was also held: Exploring ESG and the potential for Green Investment in Indonesia with several trusted sources in their fields. Also present at the event were Mohamad Bijaksana Junerosano as Managing Director of Waste4Change, Dondi Hananto as Commissioner of Waste4Change, Edward Nixon Pakpahan as Functional Environmental Impact Control of KLHK, Asri Hadiyanti Giastuti as Assistant Planner for the Ministry of PPN/Bappenas RI, Muhammad Syirazi as Chief Executive Officer of Swadaya, Silviana Chandra as ESG Consultant in Waste Management Waste4Change, as well as all the award recipients, clients, and partners of Waste4Change.

Award4Change 2022
Award4Change 2022

Award4Change 2022 marks the 3rd year that Waste4Change has given awards to partners and clients. This year, Award4Change comes with the #MenapakBeriDampak theme and presents 9 award categories for 28 award recipients consisting of clients and partners. Awards for clients and partners were given on the basis of a positive impact on sustainability from an economic, social, and environmental perspective.

“We believe the support and trust from clients, partners, and all stakeholders are a significant factor in realizing the achievement of Waste4Change in 2022. The trust and appreciation we received made us feel motivated. That is one of the reasons why we want to grow and cultivate through Award4Change 2022 this time. We want to spread that trust, passion, and appreciation to all clients, partners, stakeholders, and the people of Indonesia.” explained Mohamad Bijaksana Junerosano, CEO & Founder of Waste4Change.

Award4Change 2022
Speech from Mohamad Bijaksana Junerosano – Founder CEO of Waste4Change

Waste4Change has indeed achieved many things in 2022. Apart from successfully receiving series A funding from AC Ventures and PT Barito Mitra Investama, Waste4Change has welcomed the joining of ecoBali and won second place in the MSME category at the 2022’s SDGs Action Awards held by the Indonesian Ministry of National Development Planning. Junerosano revealed that all of these achievements came because of the support from clients, partners, and other stakeholders who trust Waste4Change to contribute to the success of Indonesia Clean-from-Waste 2025.

“I am very happy to have reached this point with Waste4Change and their vision to be able to push for a better waste management system in Indonesia. I remember how I started dreaming of building a waste management company that could support a proper solid waste system in Indonesia. Because since I was little, all I knew was the catchphrase “Throw the trash in its place,” but then I realized where the trash would go next. So to be able to achieve a sustainable waste management system, we need to collaborate with each other to form a support system to achieve the same goal,” said Dondi Hananto, Commissioner of Waste4Change.

As everyone may already know, the Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Environment and Forestry expressed its commitment to reducing waste by 30% and handling waste by 70% of total waste generation by 2025. It is stated in Presidential Regulation Number 97 of 2017 concerning National Policy and Strategy (JAKSTRANAS) regarding Waste Management. To achieve the target and realize a sustainable waste management system, we must create initiatives, and collaborative efforts from various parties are needed to make it a reality.

“The  Ministry of Environment and Forestry as a regulator certainly needs other parties, for example Waste4Change, to become practitioners in implementing the regulations that we have formulated. Because we also recognize that practitioners will better understand the success of regulation. Collaboration can be the key to continue to produce new insights and solutions to this waste problem., said Edward Nixon Pakpahan, Environmental Impact Control Functional at the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

Among the existing efforts, implementing circular economy and ESG in business is one of the efforts we can do. Based on DKI Jakarta Governor Regulation Number 102 of 2021 concerning Obligations for Waste Management in Areas and Companies, each company is encouraged to be able to carry out its waste management independently and in a more planned and classified manner based on the waste source. Companies are now also required to be able to attach data related to waste management in their sustainability report documents. This policy is expected to run progressively to achieve the vision of Indonesia Zero Waste 2025. 

“Indeed, environmental issues have quite a big impact on many things. In fact, climate change is enough to cause losses for Indonesia up to 540 trillion in the 2020-2024 period. For this reason, we need to encourage companies to start transitioning to greener investments,” explained Asri Hadiyanti Giastuti, Assistant Planner for the Indonesian Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas.

Award4Change 2022
Interactive Discussion Exposing ESG and the potential for Green Investment in Indonesia

Trends related to environmental issues are currently increasing. Much evidence shows that people are now aware of the importance of creating a healthy environment to support environmental sustainability. One of them is that there are already many investors who want to start investing their capital to address environmental issues. Therefore, sustainable investment is one of the things companies can do to contribute to environmental preservation.

“We see that the regulations are very ready and there are many, so the potential that we can do is provide reporting standards related to sustainability that are qualified. The most important thing is, when MSMEs and companies are able to form a qualified sustainability report, internalize related to handling environmental and social issues in their business, this can be an interesting thing for investors so that they no longer hesitate to invest their capital to help environmental issues, “said Muhammad Syirazi , Chief Executive Officer of Swadaya, a securities crowdfunding platform for social entrepreneurship and impact investing.

The Sustainability Report is here as a form of company transparency in its operational activities for the social community as well as the environment. Through this document, companies can display their various efforts in providing support for natural sustainability.

“The principle of sustainability is the main pillar that determines whether a business is responsible for the activities they carry out for the environment and a sustainability report is a representation that can help us read the processes and results of company activities. Then to make a good sustainability report, you need to understand it first. Waste4Change as a company in the waste sector will usually adjust our ESG to the environment,” explained Silviana Chandra, ESG Consultant in Waste Management Waste4Change.

Award4Change 2022
Recipient of the 2022 Most Zero Waste to Landfill Award

Waste4Change hopes that Award4Change 2022 will inspire and motivate all the stakeholders to appreciate every step taken by various parties in supporting the implementation of the Indonesia Clean-from-Waste 2025 target. The steps taken should be well planned to be sustainable and to realize the application of circular economy principles in the waste system in Indonesia.

Awardees List of Award4Change 2022

Most Zero-Waste to Landfill

Astra Honda Motor (PT Astra Honda Motor)

BASF Indonesia

Danamon Indonesia (PT Bank Danamon Indonesia, Tbk.)

Danone Head Office (PT Tirta Investama)

DBS Indonesia – Jakarta Branches (PT Bank DBS Indonesia)

IKEA Alam Sutera (PT Hero Supermarket, Tbk.)

Potato Head – Kaum (PT Tiga Roti Perdana)

Kementerian Keuangan Republik Indonesia

Unilever Head Office (PT Unilever Indonesia, Tbk.)

Most Responsible Brand

IKEA Central Fulfillment Unit (PT IKEA Indonesia)

The Body Shop (PT Monica Hijau Lestari)

Sociolla (PT Social Bella Indonesia)

Great Collaboration

JLL Indonesia

Best Recycling Partner

PT Elite Recycling Indonesia (PT ERI)

Best Plastic Supplier Partner

PT Sada Pratama Kindo

Impactful Plastic Collection Project

Unilever Head Office (PT Unilever Indonesia, Tbk.)

Best Collaborative Action

Dinas Lingkungan Hidup Kota Bandung

PT Ginanjar Saputra

Perumda Pasar Juara

Best Waste Management Partner

Bank Sampah Sejahtera 62

Bank Sampah Unit Sukses Mulia

PT Cipta Medan Lestari/Roda Hijau

Behavior Change Project

GIZ PREVENT Waste Alliance

ESG Transformation Project Highlight

Bank BRI (PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia, Tbk.)

Innovative Strategy Project Highlight


Low-Value Plastic Collection Project Highlight


Marine Debris Project Highlight

Schwarz Group

Shift Towards Circular Economy Project Highlight

ASTRA International (PT Astra International Tbk.)

Congratulations for all the awardees! Read the article in Indonesian version here.

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