5 Kinds of Environmental Pollution Caused by Waste

How to Tackle Environmental Waste

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When pollution was beginning to be talked about it was recognized as a huge threat to human health and the surrounding natural resources. However, the long-term effects from pollution seems to be have forgotten.

Most people seem to only talk about air pollution and relate it to the exhaust from vehicles. However, it is actually much bigger than that. 

5 kinds of environmental pollution caused by waste that you should know:

  1. Air Pollution

Air pollution is the contamination of air by smoke particles and harmful gases. They are mainly oxides of carbon, nitrogen and sulfur. Some examples of air pollution include:

    • The burning of fossil fuels like oil, gas or coal
    • The exhaust fumes from your vehicles
    • The mismanagement of landfill waste caused by garbage pollution
    • The harmful fragrance or off-gasing from plastic production, paints and so on
    • Nuclear accidents or radiation spills

They are all caused by waste and the only cure is through growing forests, and just a lot of trees everywhere!

Air pollution. Source: theconversation.com
  1. Land Pollution

This kind of pollution is actually the degradation (becoming unusable) of Earth’s surface . There are 2 causes, and guess what, a pile of waste is one of them. Land pollution is mainly caused by improper disposal of waste and the misuse of resources. Here are some examples of land pollution:

  • Litter on every corner or on the side of the road
  • Oil spills
  • Illegal dumping in natural habitats
  • Debris or damage caused from unsustainable logging practices
  • Pesticides and other farming chemicals
  • Nuclear accidents or radiation spills

Because of land pollution we will likely lose the natural habitats of animals, especially the endangered ones like orangutans and tigers!

  1. Garbage Pollution

It is caused by the mismanagement of solid waste from human & their activities, waste collectors and waste disposal contractors. The effects of this type of pollution is the spread of harmful bacteria in the surroundings, as well as obnoxious odors which will also end up as air pollution.

The water will also get contaminated, which will transmit parasites and bacteria to humans.

Garbage pollutions caused by the mismanagement of solid waste. Source: reference.com
  1. Beach Pollution

Beach pollution is waste like plastic bags, nets, or cigarette filters that being thrown to beach. This waste harms sea creatures and affects the marine environment. It is often caused by irresponsible beach visitors littering and leaving their waste behind after a picnic or get together.

  1. Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution is hard and soft non-biodegradable plastic that stays on the land for thousands of years or forever (pretty much all plastic is this type of plastic). It will stay forever in the soil and harm the soil’s health and composition.

Plastic pollutions caused by non-biodegradable plastic that stays on the land. Source: iisd.org

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