Waste4Change on Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 (October 20-26th, 2018) – a Less Waste Event

Jakarta Fashion Week 2019
Jakarta Fashion Week 2019

It’s safe to say that fashion and beauty are inseparable–both support each other in the long run. Great makeup artistry is often used to strengthen the impression of the models in a fashion show, and a suitable cloth design is crucial in adding more flair to your classic makeup look for the night.

Now, you probably wonder, what is Waste4Change, a responsible waste management company, has to do with fashion and beauty?

We have the answer! Here’s a full report of Waste4Change’s collaboration with Jakarta Fashion Week team and Wardah on the last October 20-26th, 2018!

A Fashion Event that Manages Its Waste Responsibly

If not treated responsibly, beauty products and fashion waste could harm our environment terribly. Used cosmetic packagings and containers need to be well-recycled in order to prevent it from accumulating in the landfill or worse, polluting our soil and sea. Fashion waste is quietly becoming the new earth’s nemesis, considering the fact that textile waste is one of the many materials that are difficult to recycle.

Since its first launch at 2008, Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) has been a must-visit annual event for the local fashion lovers and fashion industries. As the year progresses, more and more fashion designers and fashion businesses are involved in the JFW, so did the number of visitors and fans.

Committing to the continuous effort of nature preservation, and realizing its great role in spreading green awareness to the fashion industries and observers, the great team of Jakarta Fashion Week, Wardah and Waste4Change worked together to implement a less-waste concept to the 11th event of Jakarta Fashion Week, JFW 2019, which was held at October 20-26th, 2018 at Senayan City Jakarta.

Here’s how Jakarta Fashion Week team, Wardah, and Waste4Change integrate the concept of less-waste to the event Jakarta Fashion Week 2019:

Special Garbage Bins

Special Waste4Change’s garbage bags were placed in several areas of Jakarta Fashion Week 2019. The visitors were expected to segregate their waste into 2 categories: organic and non-organic (Glass, Metal, Plastic). All the waste collected in the event were managed and optimized by Waste4Change in order to divert it from the landfill.

Fashion/Textile Waste & Wardah’s Cosmetic Packagings/Containers Dropbox

During the event, the Waste4Change/Wardah booth in the Fashion Link area at the 8th Floor of Senayan City Jakarta were accepting fashion/textile waste and Wardah’s cosmetic packaging/container waste during the event. The Wardah’s cosmetic packaging/container was managed and optimized by Waste4Change, meanwhile, the fashion/textile waste was distributed to SadariSedari (Instagram @SadariSedari) and Threadapeutic (instagram @Threadapeutic) to be used and utilized for great concerns, including help to raise awareness and fund for the education in the Indonesian remote areas.

Upcycle Exhibition & Waste Management Education Center

The Waste4Change/Wardah booth was also functioned as the responsible waste management education center and upcycle product exhibition from the local upcycling handicraft businesses: KresKros, Threadapeutic, and XSProject. Visitors were welcomed to ask their questions about responsible waste management, as well as buying products from the upcycle exhibition.

The Active Team of Waste Management Awareness Educators

A team of educators “Pasukan Bijak Sampah” was frequenting the location of Senayan City Jakarta during the event of JFW 2019. Their tasks were to spread even more great awareness about current social, waste management, and environmental issues to the visitors of JFW 2019 and Senayan City Jakarta.

Discussion and Talk show about Current Environmental Issues

A total of 2 talk shows, Fashion Waste Awareness, and Beauty to the Next Level: From Heart to Earth, were held in collaboration between Jakarta Fashion Week, Wardah, and Waste4Change to share the facts and insights about fashion waste and other environmental problems caused by beauty packagings and textile waste

Here is the detailed explanation about the talk shows:

Beauty to the Next Level: From Heart to Earth, October 21st, 2018

Talkshow Beauty into The Next Level: From Heart to Earth
Talkshow Beauty into The Next Level: From Heart to Earth

As part of Wardah’s campaign to inspired goodness, Wardah collaborated with Waste4Change and the organizers of the Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 in holding a talk show titled “Beauty into the Next Level: From Heart to Earth”. The talk session which also invited Dewi Sandra as Wardah Brand Ambassador and Annisa Paramita as Head of Communication and Marketing Waste4Change was part of a series of Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 events which took place from 20-26 October 2018 at Senayan City, Jakarta.

The “Beauty into the Next Level: From Heart to Earth” talk show discussed the definition of beauty in a broader sense. Beautiful in the view of Wardah and Waste4Change is not only limited to physical beauty but also beautiful from the heart that inspires kindness in many ways, including environmental conservation efforts. Wardah has launched its microsite Wardah Inspiring Movement on last August 2018 and has actively educated its customers to spread kindness ever since.

Fashion Waste Awareness – October 24th, 2018

Talkshow "Fashion Waste Awareness" - 24 Oktober 2018 - Senayan City Jakarta
Talkshow “Fashion Waste Awareness” – 24 Oktober 2018 – Senayan City Jakarta

Where did our textile waste end? Where to distribute our fashion/textile waste once it’s unused and unwearable anymore?

The questions above were posed as the main discussion topic for “Fashion Waste Awareness” talk show, which was held as a part of Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 event.

Supported by Annisa Paramita, Head of Communication and Engagement Waste4Change and Hana Surya, the owner of Threadapeutic, a local startup who took the initiative to utilize unused textile/clothing materials to produce high-value handicrafts; The talk show began with a presentation on the facts of Jakarta’s waste management.

To answer the question on why clothing waste is something that is important to be considered on a long-term basis, Annisa explained, “Fashion waste is categorized as residual waste. ‘Residue’ is a term for waste material that is difficult to recycle, so it is likely to be thrown into the landfill.”

The discussion was continued by Hana Surya, Founder of Threadapeutic, a local company which processes clothing waste into high-value handicraft items such as bags, wallets, wall hangings.

“The fate of our waste depends on our perception. Something that we called a waste, might actually still has functional and economic value to be used again. That is what Threadapeutic sees in upcycling products,” Hana said.

Contributes to the Effort of Reducing the Amount of Waste in the Landfill

As expected from the JFW 2019, local fashionistas, beauty gurus, and entertainers were present to update themselves on current fashion trend and insights. Our team of educators was able to capture the JFW 2019 visitors’ support for responsible waste management:

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