FaktualNews.co: “BSF: A Solution to Overcome Organic Waste, A Low-Cost Animal Feed Alternatives”

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The BSF method is a way of processing organic waste using larvae (maggot) which are placed in organic waste with the aim of reducing the waste. This BSF method can be found at PT. Waste4Change, Composting Area, Puspa Agro Market, Jemundo Village, Taman District, Sidoarjo, East Java.

Teguh Rahayu (27), the Nursery Senior Officer said on Sunday (05/08/2018) that the benefits of the BSF method, in addition to reducing the problem of organic waste, can also utilize larvae as animal feed such as fish, birds, reptiles, and poultry. “In addition to waste reduction, another advantage of BSF is that the harvested larvae can also be used as an alternative to animal feed.”

Alfan Imroni.”BSF: A Solution to Overcome Organic Waste & Low-Cost Animal Feed Alternatives, “. Faktualnews.co. https://faktualnews.co/2018/08/05/metode-bsf-solusi-atasi-sampah-organik-hemat-buat-pakan-ternak/92286/ (accesed on August 7th, 2018).

The Advantages of BSF

Black Soldier Flies (BSF) are a type of fly commonly used to decompose organic waste into compost. The use of BSF for waste degradation process is considered more effective than normal flies due to BSF’s amazing qualities. Not only that BSF are easy to breed, their digestive system naturally destroy harmful bacteria that might be present in their food — makes them an ideal waste degradation agent. The BSF larvae are also safe for human and animal consumption, a great low-cost protein-rich food source alternatives.

Source: Nutrition Technologies

BSF and Waste4Change

Waste4Change has been using the BSF waste degradation method for a quite long time. We considered the BSF method as the most effective and easiest way to degrade organic waste, reducing waste and creating more compost as a result. Due to its advantageous worth, Waste4Change also breed the BSF larvae for human and animal consumption. We’re holding a routine BSF method training, so if you are interested in learning more about the BSF method, planning to breed BSF on your own, or buying the larvae, you may visit Waste4Change‘s office at East Bekasi – West Java or our branch office at Sidoarjo – East Java.

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