Waste4Change 4th Anniversary Celebration: Zero-Waste Themed Potluck Dinner!

“I always say, we have to be GE-LI-SAH (nervous). Do you know what GELISAH (nervous) is? Gemas Melihat Sampah (irritated when seeing trash).”

Said Mohammad Bijaksana Junerosano, founder and Managing Director of Waste4Change, inducing laughter to the room. Clients, partners and associates all mingled with the internal Waste4Change team during our 4th Anniversary celebration on December 12th, 2018 at Innovation Room, Komplek Gedung KEMENAKER RI, Jakarta Selatan.

Junerosano proceeded with his greeting that night with a story about him and Waste4Change, a social enterprise that was officially inaugurated on November 7th 2014, where in fact his journey  with Waste4Change had long begun before that date. Waste4Change was the first company where he devoted himself after finishing his bachelor degree. A social enterprise with a mission to become a solution for the current waste issue, providing services to manage waste from upstream to downstream, supporting government and communities to build a better waste management system, and to create a society with better life quality.

Waste4Change 4th Birthday

His journey with Waste4Change began with the nerves he felt for the never ending waste problem. Someone has to act, to start, to be courageous and make a change for the sake of a better waste management system, and Waste4Change was the perfect platform for Junerosano to gather more individuals who has the same concern as him.

“If Mas Sano was GE-LI-SAH, I also have one, here it goes: AL-KI-SAH… Wait. I forgot what it stands for. I used to remember. Now I forgot,” said the presenter of that night’s anniversary celebration. Laughter from the audience continued to excite the night. The celebration continued with a greeting from the internal division’s representative.

“I remember it very well. Before I joined Waste4Change, I wasn’t very good at public speaking. Mas Sano kept on encouraging me to be more confident until I can finally be where I am at this very moment,” said Ridho Malik, the forefront of Strategic Services division at Waste4Change, whose responsible for the execution of Waste4Change’s consult, education and campaign services, including the feasibility study, EDUBIS (Edukasi Bijak Sampah), AKABIS (Akademi Bijak Sampah), and 3R Green School.

Martin Manorek, Head of Operational Services Waste4Change also gave few greetings to cheer up the night. Martin briefly explained the role of Operational Services division at Waste4Change, including managing the RPM (Rumah Pemulihan Smapah) and Rumah Pengomposan, and also the collection and waste management services for business, restaurants and residential areas.

Waste4Change 4th Birthday

“We really felt the support from Waste4Change. When the Zero-Waste to Landfill concept was implemented, Waste4Change not only collect and process our waste, but also provide our employees with useful trainings,” said one of the client who attend the celebration that night. Zero-Waste to Landfill itself is one of the main program by Waste4Change that help clients to ensure the waste produced by their businesses/companies/buildings, whether it is a production waste or daily waste, can be sorted and processed by Waste4Change, hence diverted from landfills.

That night’s Waste4Change 4th anniversary celebration was also held with a Zero-Waste concept. From the start, the committee reduced the production of disposable non-organic waste. The potluck themed dinner intentionally add the fun to the night. Vegan soup, special banana cake, street food and many more snacks and meal was brought by the guests to be shared with the other guests.

Waste4Change 4th Birthday

Towards the end of the celebration, the presenter played a song-title guessing game with the guests, with songs performed by the performers. The right guess will be awarded with a Waste4Change t-shirt souvenir. The guests were discussing and competing to get a turn to guess the song title. For the umpteenth time, the Waste4Change 4th anniversary celebration was enlivened with laughter.

“Thank you to all guests, clients, partners, governmental representatives, waste bank partners and the internal team of Waste4Change for joining us in tonight’s Waste4Change 4th anniversary celebration. I hope at this age and in the following years, Waste4Change can keep maintaining good relationships, always capable of giving responsible waste management services, supporting the implementation of a circular economy and implementing the Zero-Waste to Landfill program”, said Junerosano after the cake-cutting ceremony.

Happy 4th Anniversary, Waste4Change!

We are committed to provide our clients with the best waste management services! Want your waste to be collected responsibly? Contact Waste4Change for further information about the waste collection services for companies/restaurants/businesses/buildings and residential areas in your region.

Waste4Change 4th Birthday
Waste4Change 4th Birthday