Try Visiting Some of These Bulk Stores in Indonesia

A good waste management should be based on the 3Rs concepts (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), in which the three aspects make up a reverse-pyramid of waste management hierarchy.

The first and foremost is Reduce, an effort to cut back the waste that are being generated from the source. The second phase is called Reuse, which is to utilize materials and goods that can be used again. It can be done by either making it into simple crafts and artworks, or by undergoing an up-cycle process. The last but not the least is Recycle. This means that the waste that can neither be eliminated nor reused should be recycled to prevent it from ending up in landfills.

Besides the solutions that can be done individually, the concept of bulk stores can also become an option for zero waste shopping. Bulk store itself is a wholesale store with a zero waste concept by eliminating the single-use packaging for its products. 

The good news is that bulk stores are not only found in developed countries like in Europe or North America, but also in Indonesia. Check out the following list of bulk stores that you can (and should) visit, and don’t forget to bring your own containers!

List of Bulk Stores in Jakarta and Its Surroundings 

  1. Naked Inc.

The bulk store that is located behind the COMO Park building sells all kinds of daily necessities, from soaps and detergents to staple foods such as rice, pasta, and nuts. They even sell dog treats! Besides being zero waste, the products that are sold are mostly organic or locally made.

Salah satu rak di Naked Inc yang menjual deterjen dan sabun cuci. Sumber foto: Nadia Vetta Hamid/Coconuts Media
One of the shelves in Naked Inc store which displays the detergents that are being sold. Source: Nadia Vetta Hamid/Coconuts Media
Address: COMO Park, Jalan Kemang Timur no 998, RT.1/RW.3, Bangka, South Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia

2. Saruga Pack Free Store

Founder and owner of the Saruga Pack Free Store, Adi Asmawan, said that the reason he decided to open the bulk store is for the consumers to learn to adjust their pattern of consumption as well as lifestyle. That way, the things that they buy will be enough, in a sense that it will not be either deficient or excessive to the point of being wasteful.

Pemandangan di dalam Saruga pack free store. Sumber foto:
An inside look of the Saruga pack free store. Source:

The bulk store that has been operating since November 2018 sells products ranging from seasoning and staple foods to multipurpose cleaner as well as personal care products such as natural soaps and shampoos.

Contoh produk yang dijual di Saruga Pack Free Store. Sumber foto:
Examples of products that are sold in Saruga Pack Free Store. Source:
Address: Jl. Taman Bintaro 1, sektor 1 (sebelah Superindo)


3. The Bulkstore and Co.

For those of you who live in and around Central Jakarta, The Bulkstore and Co. can be an option for a zero waste shopping. Located besides Burgreens Menteng, The Bulkstore and Co. that is founded by Max Mandias and Helga Angelina has just launched its soft opening in May. In this store, you can found products from local brands such as Herbilogy, Rasha Nusantara’s herbs, chocolate from Pipiltin Cocoa, as well as grapes from Pasar Petani Kota. You might also want to check their zero waste essentials such as stainless steel straws and environmental-friendly personal care products such as the ones from O’Wellness.

Pemandangan di dalam toko The Bulkstore and Co. Sumber foto: Facebook The Bulkstore and Co.
The interior of The Bulkstore and Co. Source: The Bulkstore and Co.’s Facebook Page
Address: Jl. K.H Wahid Hasyim No. 47 Jakarta Pusat


4. Lifestyle Supermarket, Summarecon Mall Serpong

In May 2018, Farmers Market held a relaunching of one of its outlets located in Summarecon Serpong mall. The outlet that has been renovated was then renamed as Lifestyle Supermarket. After its relaunching, the Lifestyle Supermarket has several new features and services, one of which is the Bulk Food Dispenser corner.

Bulk Food Dispenser di Lifestyle Supermarket. Sumber foro:
The Bulk Food Dispenser corner at the Lifestyle Supermarket. Source:

Compared to other bulk stores, Lifestyle Supermarket is not completely zero waste yet. However, the Bulk Food Dispenser corner is worth to try nonetheless! Especially for buying food ingredients such as granola, cereals, dried fruits, as well as tea and coffee.

Address: Farmers Market Serpong, Lantai Dasar Summarecon Mall Serpong, Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong, Sentra Gading Serpong, Pakulonan Barat, Kelapa Dua, Tangerang, Banten 15810


List of Bulk Stores outside Jakarta (Java and Bali)

1. Warung Sehat 1000 Kebun

This bulk store is owned by a community called Komunitas 1000 Kebun (1000 Garden Community) who is active in campaigning for a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle, one of which is through organic garden. The store is established back in 2017, on the 25th of December to be exact.

Warung Sehat 1000 Kebun. Sumber foto: Fathia/ayobandung
The entrance of the Warung Sehat 1000 Kebun. Source: Fathia/ayobandung

The vegetables and fruits that are sold in this store is guaranteed to be freed from chemical substances such as pesticide. Furthermore, Warung 1000 Kebun cooperates with two farmer companions and 80 suppliers from throughout Java, namely farmers from Ciwidey and Arjasari. The goods that are sold vary from animal products, sugar, honey, processed food and drinks, as well as zero waste essentials.

Address: Jl. Boling no.26, Arcamanik. Bandung

2. Peony Eco House

Peony Eco House is the first bulk store in Yogyakarta. The store sells daily essentials and invites people towards a zero waste lifestyle by reducing plastic and bringing their own containers. Moreover, Peony Eco House tries as much as possible to empower local products and producers around Jogja.

Salah satu sudut toko di Peony Ecohouse. Sumber foto: Twitter @septyoup
One of the corners inside the Peony Ecohouse. Source: Twitter @septyoup
Address: Jl. Pogung Baru Blok A2 No. 1 Mlati-Sleman, DIY

3. Aromatics Store and Bakery

Aromatics is located inside a restaurant called Mediterrania and is founded by a French person named Camille Massard Combe (also known as Chef Kamil). Besides selling breads that are made with French traditional recipes, Aromatics also sell organic products from local farmers. The goods that are sold ranging from soaps and cosmetics to super food, oil, jam, pasta, chocolate, and honey.

Penampakan salah satu sudut toko Aromatics Store and Bakery. Sumber foto: Instagram aromatics_jogja
An inside look of the Aromatics Store and Bakery. Source: Aromatics Jogja’s instagram page
Address: Jl Tirtodipuran No.24 Mantrijeron Yogyakarta 55143

4. Greenmommy Shop

Greenmommy Shop, usually called as GMS, is a family business that sells beauty and health products made from natural ingredients. The brain behind GMS is none other than Deasi the “Green Mommy” who upholds a natural, sustainable, and zero waste lifestyle. In addition to visiting the store that is located in Malang, you can also shop through its products by visiting the website at

Address: Jalan Terusan Wiriaga G5-6, Bunulrejo Blimbing 65123 Malang

5. Alang-alang Zerowaste

Eva Bachtiar and Lydia Imelda Sitorus are the founder of the first bulk store in Surabaya, which was opened in early 2019. Alang-alang Zerowaste can be an alternative for Surabaya people to shop their daily necessities by minimizing waste packaging. Lydia said that all of the products that are sold are curated beforehand to ensure that the ingredients being used are healthy and safe. In addition, they always try their best to source the products directly from local farmers and producers, such as coriander from Flores and avocado from farmers in Jombang.

Penampakan salah satu sudut toko Alang-alang Zerowaste, toko minim sampah pertama di Surabaya. Sumber foto:
One corner of the Alang-alang Zerowaste store, the first bulk store in Surabaya. Source:
Address: Ruko Este Square A2, Jalan Dr Ir.Soekarno Surabaya.

6. Mamaramah Ecobulk 

Pelanggan yang membeli bumbu dapur di Mamaramah Ecobulkstore. Sumber foto: Facebook Mamaramah Ecobulk
Pelanggan yang membeli bumbu dapur di Mamaramah Ecobulkstore. Sumber foto: Facebook Mamaramah Ecobulk

This bulk store is founded by Ogi Dhaneswari based on her experience when she gave her seasoning to other people so as not to be wasted. From that experience, she came up with an idea to create a bulk store where people can buy seasoning and other products according to the portion that they need. Besides personal care products, Mamaramah Ecobulkstore also sells zero waste essential such as loofah, bamboo cutlery, as well as tote bags.

Address: Ketintang Selatan IX Blok AD No. 8 Surabaya

7. Zero Waste Bali

Zero Waste Bali is the first bulk store in Dewata Island founded by Silvija Rumiha. Silvija is inspired to open this store because she was surprised at the amount of waste that she stumbled upon during her trip in Bali with her family. With the presence of this bulk store, Silvija hopes that it can help to reduce the amount of waste that are being generated as well as to help the people of Bali to head towards a zero waste lifestyle.

Penampakan depan toko Zero Waste Bali diUbud. Sumber foto: Facebook Zero Waste Ubud
Penampakan depan toko Zero Waste Bali diUbud. Sumber foto: Facebook Zero Waste Ubud
Zero Waste Kerobokan: Jalan Raya Anyar No. 30 Kerobokan, Bali
Zero Waste Uluwatu: Livingwell Inn, Jalan Labuansait No. 39, Pecatu, Kuta Selatan, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361.
Zero Waste Canggu: Jl. Subak Sari 13 No.8, Tibubeneng, Berawa, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361
Zero Waste Ubud: Jalan Raya Sayan, Singakerta, Ubud, Kab. GIanyar, Bali

The Importance of Managing The Unavoidable Waste 

Cutting back our waste is no easy peasy, but there are small things that we can do to become a part of the solution. If we cannot avoid waste from being generated, then the least we can do is to make sure that the waste are being sorted from our side as the consumers.

When you have done your job in sorting your garbage, then the next step is to ensure that the sorted waste are recycled according to each category. Therefore, you can utilize two services that are provided by Waste4Change, namely by sending your waste to our office in Bekasi (visit for further information) or by dropping them off to our dropbox (visit to find out about the locations of the dropbox)

On the other hand, waste management also needs to be done from the producer’s side. Hence, producers and companies in need of responsible waste management service can find out more about the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program from Waste4Change.

Waste4Change provides responsible waste management service with Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWTL) principle in order to support the circular economy. Waste4Change services do not only include waste segregation but also waste collection and a comprehensive report about the waste flow. 

In need for a responsible and segregated waste collection service? Do not hesitate to reach us at Waste4Change!



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