#SendYourWaste program: Send your waste to Waste4Change!

Program Send Your Waste - Waste4Change
Program Send Your Waste – Waste4Change

How to make sure that your non-organic waste is being managed in the most responsible way?

Sending your non-organic waste to Waste4Change could be the solution!

Where to send your recyclables?


Perumahan Bumipala Vida Bekasi

Gedung Startup Jalan Alun-alun Utara

Kelurahan Padurenan Kec. Mustikajaya

Bekasi Timur 17156

Kota Bekasi, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

Phone: (021) 29372308

Details: bit.ly/Waste4Change

How to send it?

You may send your recyclables by using shipping services or online transportation services. To avoid undelivered / returned packages, please make sure that the package will be received on our office’s operating hours, namely Monday to Friday, from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM (except holiday).

Is there a limit to the amount of waste that can be accepted by the Waste4Change’s #SendYourWaste program?

For shipping in large quantities, please contact contact@waste4change.com first to confirm.

Do I need to pay for my waste to be processed by Waste4Change’s #SendYourWaste program?

The Waste4Change’s #SendYourWaste program currently does not charge any fees beyond the shipping costs borne by the package sender.

What kind of non-organic waste that the #SendYourWaste Waste4Change program received?

The #SendYourWaste Waste4Change program accepts almost all types of non-organic waste (glass, paper, plastic, metal) that have been segregated, dried, and cleaned from organic waste.

What non-organic waste cannot be accepted by the #SendYourWaste Waste4Change program?

Waste4Change is continuously improvising our waste treatment system. Here are some non-organic waste that we cannot receive via the #SendYourWaste Waste4Change program per October 2018:

  • Plastic sachet waste, for example, instant noodles package, instant coffee package, shampoo sachet wrap, snacks wrap that have a layer of aluminum.
  • Plastic refill package, for example, shampoo refill, soap refill, and cooking oil refill wrap.
  • Styrofoam, for example, cup noodles package, disposable food packaging, package wrapping.
  • B3 (Toxic and Dangerous Material) waste such as batteries, light bulbs, and spray cans.
  • Electronic waste such as USB, refrigerator, microwave, computer, laptop, headset, and earphone.
  • Medical waste, such as medicines, syringes, blood, and human parts.

Details on the explanation above can be checked at the following link: bit.ly/recyclingW4C

Keep up with our social media updates or this #SendYourWaste page for the latest information about the type of waste received for the #SendYourWaste program!

What should be done with the type of non-organic waste that Waste4Change cannot accept?

Waste4Change strongly recommends reducing the use of those waste or processing them into handicrafts or eco-brick. If you decided to make your residue/difficult-to-recycle waste into eco-brick, please do make sure that the making process is in accordance with the applicable standards, so that the eco-brick can be utilized.

Waste4Change is currently also preparing programs for processing waste that are difficult to recycle and residual waste, please refer to Waste4Change’s social media and the Waste4Change’s blog for the latest information regarding this matter.

Why only the non-organic waste is accepted in the #SendYourWaste Waste4Change program? What about organic waste?

For now, the #SendYourWaste program from Waste4Change only accepts non-organic waste shipments considering the following:

  1. Hygiene and cleanliness factors in the shipping process
  2. Preparation of Waste4Change organic waste processing system which is still limited to a certain volume

How can our organic waste be processed and recycled by Waste4Change?

For the time being Waste4Change offers the #ResidentialWasteCollection and #ZeroWastetoLandfill programs for the processing of non-organic and organic waste for housing and offices. Both programs are limited in terms of location and have several additional terms and fees. If you are interested in including your housing or business in one of the programs, please send an email to contact@waste4change.com.

What will be done with our non-organic waste that is sent via the #SendYourWaste Waste4Change program later?

For the sake of avoiding the garbage from piling up in the landfill, the non-organic waste collected will be segregated and will be processed according to the types of waste material before we process it, some of it will be distributed to our trusted recycling partners.

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