Produk BSF

Produk Black Soldier Fly (BSF)

Alternative organic feed contained with high protein which good and safe for your pets and animal farm. Available in various variants :

  • BSF cycle product (fresh larvae, pupae, prepupae, eggies, etc)
  • BSF post-processing product (PRO-POP, PRO-FLAKES, PRO-CRUMB, etc)

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About Produk Black Soldier Fly (BSF)

Black Soldier Fly (BSF)

Black Soldier Fly (BSF) is a type of fly that is three times the size of an ordinary fly. BSF could help reduce the negative impact caused by the accumulation of organic material in nature and also a very great protein-source feed alternative for livestock and fish. The BSF larvae product is directly cultivated and processed by PRO-BSF as part of collaboration with Waste4change.

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Obtain further knowledge regarding organic waste management using Black Soldier Fly (BSF) as well as its breeding methods.

Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Life Cycle

BSF Larvae harvested on 15-17 days old to be processed into alternative feed for your pet or animal farm. It can be processed to be directly and fresh or processed further for dried & post processing product.


Carsten Schneider Picture
Owner of Star Aquatic

"Pakan BSF ini terhitung baru, tapi saya coba saja kemarin, penasaran. Ternyata cukup disukai bebek yang saya pelihara."

Carsten Schneider Picture
Owner of Plat L Petshop

"Larvanya fresh, datangnya cepat, ikan saya makannya jadi lebih lahap, jarang sakit."

Carsten Schneider Picture

"We are an initiative company specifically sell any post processing products of Black Soldier Fly Larvae-in collaboration with EAWAG"


High in protein and great for consumption poultry and fish

Support the implementation of circular economy in terms of organic materials processing

Available on store: varies product with different nutrient content to meet the needs of the animal!

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Poultry Farmer
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Get a high protein feed for your precious livestock!

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