Positive Talk: Social Media for Good Cause by Plastic Reborn

Event Plastic Reborn: Positive Talk: Social Media for Good - Sept 1st, 2018 - Libris Jakarta
Event Plastic Reborn: Positive Talk: Social Media for Good – Sept 1st, 2018 – Libris Jakarta

Spreading Good, Positive Intent

Speaking about old mythology, we could probably say that social media is the current most state-of-the-art tool of Hermes, god of messenger. Think about it: there is almost nothing that you can’t find on the internet, and adding social media to the world of information exchange is like adding fuel to a fire–it burns heavily and it spreads quickly.

It’s necessary for us to use social media for the dissemination of positive intent. Whether it’s a social movement, environmental cause, volunteer calling, or donation opportunity, using social media in spreading those good intents is truly the best idea one can have.

And that’s what the Plastic Reborn’s event Positive Talk: Social Media for Good Cause is talking about: sharing what and how the experts and practitioners utilize the benefits of social media in spreading their good cause for the maximum results, also discussing the implementation of circular economy in this day and age.

Social Media for Good

Use social media only if you know how to utilize it for a good intent, if you can’t, you’d better leave the tools for good. Putting that strong statement as the main idea of the day’s theme, the event Positive Talk: Social Media for Good Cause was trying to spread a very nice message: more on the positive news and less on the negative speech, please.

Held at Libris Jakarta (Instagram: @librisjakarta) on September 1st, 2018, the Plastic Reborn’s event invited all the social and environmental community members in Jabodetabek area to gather and to have a great discussion in using social media to boost their good cause. Held as a collaboration between Good News from Indonesia, Greeneration Indonesia, Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia, Waste4Change and Jakarta Rumahku, the speaker list was intriguing, the event was successfully brought all the great experts and practitioners in:
William Sudhana, CEO of VosFoyer and Founder of JakartaRumahku (Instagram: @JakartaRumahku)
Wahyu Aji, Chief Executive Officer of Good News from Indonesia / GNFI (official website: https://www.goodnewsfromindonesia.id/)
Annisa Paramita, the Head of Marketing & Engagement of Waste4Change (official website: https://waste4change.com)
Andrew Hallatu, Public Affairs and Community Manager of Coca-Cola Indonesia.

JakartaRumahku: A Place for Jakartans to Find Positive Activities

Jakarta Rumahku
Jakarta Rumahku

Known as one of the best content creators, William Sudhana was using his experiences in vosFoyer, a creative consulting company, to build JakartaRumahku, a social media account mainly focusing on sharing class and course information for people to upgrade their skills as well as widening their connection with similarly great people.

The current classes that JakartaRumahku are providing are mostly creative-related and human-focused, ranging from how to make a great Instagram content, to photography class for mompreneurs (mommy entrepreneurs), and how to pitch your business in order to get creative fundings. They’re planning to provide more various activities in the future, check their timeline if you’re interested in registering to one of their courses, you can find them on their Instagram.

Good News from Indonesia, and Now, South East Asia.

Good News from Indonesia
Good News from Indonesia

Wahyu Aji shared the story of GNFI’s early days. How a simple encouragement from a certain public figure through social media has helped GNFI to spread its wings and found later that, similar encouragements are endlessly coming from every part of the society–most of them are expressed through social media.

Contrary to what most people believed, and proven by GNFI’s research study, Indonesians are in desperate need of reliable, positive news, and that’s what GNFI are continuously trying to provide: a good news for Indonesians to strive, to believe that a better day is already coming, and it will continue to come in the future.

GNFI is now expanding their good news to a much wider audience. Bringing the name of SEASIA / Good News from South East Asia, the new news portal is positioning themselves as the independent and trusted premier source of all kinds of good news from South East Asia. Find more about SEASIA here.

Waste4Change’s Mission in Stimulating Society’s Behavioral Change


Annisa Paramita said that Waste4Change is still a bit early in their social media game, but one of the company’s missions: stimulating behavioral change towards a better waste management in Indonesia, has become the company’s main mindmap in building social media contents.

Waste4Change’s strategy is mainly defining their social media followers’ persona and building the right content for them in order to encourage the good waste management behavior such as: separating waste from the households, information about waste residue, all to the sharing of latest waste-related government intervention.

Plastic Reborn as a Great Implementation of Circular Economy

Circular economy is what we all need in this day and age where waste, especially plastic waste, has become our earth’s main problem. Instead of creating new materials from scratch, we need to figure out on how to utilize our resources in the most maximum and effective ways, for as long as we can, before throwing it out to our landfill and labeling it as a residual waste — one that can not be recycled further.

Plastic Reborn movement was born as an implementation of circular economy in tackling the plastic bottle waste problem. Created as a result of collaboration between Ancora Foundation, Greeneration Indonesia, Waste4Change, and Coca Cola Foundation Indonesia, Plastic Reborn is finally launching its solution to the plastic waste problem: a multifunctional pouch made from plastic bottle waste (read about the #PlasticReborn launching and school-visiting events)

The multifunctional pouch is designed to be able to carry the owner’s everyday things. From tablet to credit card, phone charger to notes, candies to stationery, all will be stored safely in one stylish pouch. The multifunctional pouch also carries an important message, mirroring its owner’s desire in helping the environment: an active effort in reducing the amount of plastic bottle waste accumulating in our landfill and sea!

Show Your Real Act in Protecting the Earth!

The Plastic Reborn multifunctional pouch is available in various design and colors. The limited versions were sold and given as a competition rewards in the event, but the rest of the designs are currently available in several local e-commerce sites. Follow their instagram account @plasticreborn for the latest news and check the full details of the multifunctional pouch on the official website: http://plasticreborn.id.

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