NOW!Jakarta: “NOW!Jakarta’s Guidelines for Better Living: Waste Management”

“As sustainability movement is rising these days. People in the household start thinking to have more green life by maintaining more conscious consumption and waste management. NOW!JAKARTA featured information about Waste4Change, a social enterprise dedicated to making Indonesia a cleaner and healthier place. “
(NOW!Jakarta’s Guidelines for Better Living: Waste Management – A Jakarta Smorgasboard – 10 Oktober 2018)

Waste4Change was featured at NOW!Jakarta Magazine October 2018 issue “A Jakarta Smorgasbord”. The article was describing the current conscious-living trend and the reality of waste management in one of Indonesia big cities, Jakarta.

Do You Know Where You Waste Goes? Do You Think The Problem Is Over When One You Throw It Out?
The answer is Jakarta’s landfill dumps which are already overcapacity, and with 69% of our waste going to landfill and only 7.5% being recycled, we have a growing problem. Because of the end landfill disposal, health and human rights are threatened and land Pollution, methane gas leading to climate change, the release of viral pathogens and community health.”

The article was also mentioning about the core of Waste4Change’s business. Here at Waste4Change, we are committed to change the old waste management’s paradigm and promote the new waste management paradigm: First Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, then Disposal and Landfill. It’s not waste until it’s wasted.

And for the last part, the 5 key aspects to improve Indonesia waste management:

  1. Policy/Regulation
  2.  Finance
  3. Operational Technique
  4. Institutions
  5. Stakeholder participation.

Thank you Now!Jakarta for featuring us! Go and grab the NOW!Jakarta magazine October 2018 issue to read the whole article.

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