Recycle Your Carton Packaging Waste in Waste4Change & Tetra Pak’s UBC (Used Beverage Carton) Program!

Tetra Pak packaging waste and packaging waste similar to Tetra Pak packaging waste can now be recycled!

What is the Value Chain System Used Beverage Carton (UBC) program?

UBC is an abbreviation from Used Carton Beverage. Tetra Pak and Waste4Change, UBC isn’t considered as garbage, but materials that can still be utilized.

UBC Value Chain System is a program designed by Waste4Change together with PT Tetra Pak Indonesia to build the UBC value chain ecosystem through a collaborative approach of all stakeholder chains (producers to consumers). This collaborative approach is made to build up awareness about the recycling of UBC and to guarantee a more responsible UBC waste management.

What are the packaging examples that is considered as UBC?


UBC can now be recycled!

UBC consists of 75% paper fiber, 25% polyAl (Polyethylene and aluminum). UBC can now be recycled again into useful new products that hold more value such as notebooks, paper bags, etc.

The polyAl part can be separated and pressed so that it becomes a strong material. This material can be formed into a wave roof, keychain, and furniture such as tables, chairs, and lockers.

Join Us in Waste4Change and Tetra Pak’s UBC Program!

Waste4Change openly invites anyone who wants to collaborate and partner to join in this program. The following are examples of stakeholders who can join us:

  • UBC manufacturer
  • Distributor of UBC products
  • Hotels, Cafe & Resto that use UBC Products
  • City waste management (government / regional company)
  • Waste Bank
  • Waste Collectors / Waste Stalls
  • TPS 3R / TPS / Landfill
  • Community and community groups (PKK, Posyandu, environmental community)
  • Student community (school, campus)
  • Individual

We believe that collaboration and partnership are two things that are needed in order to build an ecosystem that guarantees more broadly impacted UBC management. For those who are interested in becoming Waste4Change and Tetra Pak’s UBC waste management partners, please fill in the following link:!

How to Recycle UBC

After consuming cardboard packaging products, don’t just throw it away carelessly!

  1. Do the 3F steps (Flip-Flap-Flatten):
  • Flip – Open the packaging fold. Empty the contents and wash thoroughly.
  • Flap – Place the straw in the package so that it is recycled together
  • Flatten – Remove the packaging into a separate waste bin

2. Send your UBC waste to Waste4change partners (Waste Bank, Lapak, etc.). Check the location of our partners below.

3. The shipping of your UBC waste can also be sent directly to Waste4Change’s headquarter through the Waste4Change’s #SendYourWaste program. For more information, please visit:

4. Happily invite your family, friends and closest people to take the same action! Share your UBC recycling moments on social media. Tag @ waste4change @tetrapak_id include hashtags #BijakKelolaSampah #HappyInCircularity

Here below are the list of Waste4Change and Tetra Pak’s UBC partner:

Check on Google Map

  • Waste4Change

Vida Bumipala, Jl. Alun Alun Utara, Padurenan, Mustikajaya, Kota Bks, Jawa Barat 16340

Saka (085210131121)

  • Bank Sampah Resik PD. Kebersihan

Bank Sampah PD Kebersihan, Jl. Babakan Sari No.64, Babakan Sari, Kiaracondong, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40272

Ibu Dina (087825094794)
Ibu Euis (081313341135)

  • Lapak Pak Elut

Jalan Raya Campaka, Sebelah Kantor KUA, Purwakarta

  • KSM Sahabat Lingkungan

Jl. Pandu, Sukaluyu, Telukjambe Timur, Kabupaten Karawang, Jawa Barat 41361

Pak Hendro (085838516180)

  • Bank Sampah Citra Kebun Mas

Bu Susilowati (089614743706)

Perum Citra Kebun Mas Blok B, RT 23 RW 08, Desa Bengle, Majalaya, Kabupaten Karawang

  • Tzu Chi Bandung

Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 628, Warung Muncang, Bandung Kulon, Dungus Cariang, Andir, Kota Bandung

  • Bank Sampah Panulisan

Komplek Griya Asri Blok I-4, Purwakarta 

Pak Nono (081290307994)


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