Coca-Cola Launch “Plastic Reborn” with Waste4Change and Greeneration

Jakarta, 27 February 2018. As part of Coca-Cola’s spirit of realising the World Without Waste, Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia today launched the “PLASTIC REBORN” program – a program designed to inspire change of behaviour to young Indonesians about plastic waste management. Through this program, Coca-Cola facilitates the collection of plastic bottles at more than 100 high school & university points in the Jakarta area, to be managed and processed into a multifunctional bag that is cool and commercially valuable.

PLASTIC REBORN inspired that plastic bottle trash can be ‘revived’ into a variety of items, such as one that is a functional and cool bag – something that may have not been imagined before. PLASTIC REBORN is essentially an effort to provide a new understanding that used plastic packaging can actually be recycled into high-value items, so as to create a sustainable economic circle. It all starts from movements in social media #MulaiDariGue involving various communities and influencers.

The creative process of the REBORN PLASTIC program has started since the end of last year. The program is focused in the school community and the University. In the next six months, it is expected that a minimum of 5 tons of plastic packaging waste can be collected to be managed and processed into part of multifunctional bag making materials. Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia is partnering with us, Waste4Change, to handle the process of collecting and managing this plastic packaging waste. While the process of creating bags will be done in collaboration with Greneration Indonesia a local company that also has the same vision and focus to create greener merchandise.

So how are the plastic waste bottles can become something valuable and wearable? In the course of the process, the collected plastic packaging bottles will be processed into flakes and then enter the mixing and molding phases to proceed to the sequencing process into multifunctional bags. This multifunctional bag utilizes at least 30% PET plastic content of used bottles.

The design and assembly process is done by Greeneration Indonesia with aesthetic and functional considerations, where it can be used by both men and women. It can be used to keep essential items such as wallets, mobile phones, identity cards, chargers and cables, to notebooks.

Supporting the socialisation of PLASTIC REBORN to a wider community, there will be massive education on the importance of waste plastic packaging management and showcase up-cycle plastic packaging bags at Car Free Day on March 4, 2018.

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