Why Sustainability Reporting is Important

Gen Z shapes the sustainability reporting and transparency as the benchmark for companies.

Decades ago around the 1980s, sustainability reporting has been an irreplaceable aspect for companies. It’s a part of the performance and responsibility of the company for environmental, social, and governance aspects.

Fast forward to nowadays, sustainability reporting has entered a wider scope. Not only raising awareness about the environment, but also the access to new partnerships and enlightening conversations.

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Importance of sustainability reporting

If the company needs to comprehend whether they are on the right track or not, a sustainability report could be the guidance. Furthermore, there are some advantages of this reporting, such as:

  1. Engaging Stakeholders
    The process of initiating a sustainability report until published could be the means to communicate with external stakeholders. For example investors, clients, or prospective clients.

Also, this is essential for the internal stakeholders as well. It will generate discussions and a reminder of how many people involved in the journey to sustainability.

  1. Internal Efficiency
    Companies with awareness of sustainability reporting will implement the discipline in practicing responsible business. Everyone in the company will have the guideline about the values.

At the same time, if the report doesn’t match the expectation, it would be the evaluation instrument. The internal stakeholders could refocus to attain the demanded result efficiently.

  1. Building Trust
    The sustainability reporting will also amplify the engagement, accountability, and transparency of the company’s branding. Trust is an ever-increasing issue. By presenting the waste management report of the company, it would highlight the achievement and challenge of the company publicly.
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  1. Answering Gen Z’s Assessment
    Never underestimate the power of Gen Z. They have a sharp eye for companies. At least 90% of Gen Z believes the company must take action on environmental and social issues.

When the company is transparent enough regarding eco-friendly waste management, it would be a plus feature. Research shows transparent companies could create a positive financial performance as well.

  1. Employee’sSatisfaction
    Interestingly, companies who qualified for ESG sustainability reporting will produce happier employees. Moreover, it could be the central factor of their satisfaction.

Reporting what the company has achieved for the environmental aspect will make them feel appreciated. Witnessing their company name in the press for performing the concrete movement for the environment will boost loyalty and trust.

  1. Attracting Consumers
    Most consumers, especially millennials, prefer to purchase from companies with transparent sustainability reporting. When they find a company with similar values, it would develop a sense of connection.
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Waste reporting as offered by Waste4Change will facilitate convincing the company’s achievements to the public. It would be the transparent values with a positive impact.

Moreover, all the Indonesia waste management including the eco-friendly waste collection is well-managed. In the Material Recovering Facility, organic waste is composted with Black Soldier Fly and open window technique. Certainly, at the same time, the inorganic waste will be recycled.

Waste4Change, through its Responsible Waste Management service, will help your company and business to reduce the amount of waste that might otherwise ends up in the landfills. To see the real impact of sustainability reporting, the Responsible Waste Management service from Waste4Change will be your correct choice. Find out more at w4c.id/RWM.


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Author: Azelia Trifiana

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