Waste4Change Appreciation Day Highlights The Importance of “Collaboration and Communication” in Realizing Sustainable Waste Management in Indonesia

Jakarta, 17th December 2020 – PT Wasteforchange Alam Indonesia (Waste4Change) continues to support waste management in Indonesia and increase people’s awareness regarding the importance of responsible waste management.

One of the efforts that are done was to held an Appreciation Day event on Thursday (17/12), which aims to establish strong communication and synergy between Waste4Change and stakeholders from the government in related fields, private sectors, as well as media in terms of waste management improvement.

Waste4Change Appreciation Day

In the discussion session with the media, we also invited the Director of Waste Management from the Ministry Environment and Forestry, Novrizal Tahar; Director of Sanitation and Cipta Karya, Ministry of Public Work and Housing, Ir. Prasetyo, M.Eng.,;  Indonesian journalist, Andini W. Effendi; and Waste4Change’s Managing Director, Mohamad Bijaksana Junerosano, to further discuss waste management and highlight the importance of building a collaborative and communicative approach to realize a sustainable waste management system in Indonesia.

Based on data from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, in February 2019, Indonesia generates around 64 million tons of waste every year. From that number, an estimate of 60% is collected and accumulated in landfills (TPA), 10% is recycled, and the remaining 30% is not managed, and are most likely polluting the environment.

The government, in this case through the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, has a target of waste management capacity by 100%, whereas the percentage for waste segregation done by the society is targeted to be 50% in 2025.

Waste problems need cooperation and supports from various parties, be it consumers, society, government, and the industry as well. The government encourages education and socialization efforts regarding environmental preservation for various parties in order for a more independent and responsible waste management to be realized.

Novrizal Tahar, Director of Waste Management, Ministry of Forestry and Environment

Mr. Novrizal Tahar was presenting about the governments’ policy on waste management in the Talkshow session of Waste4Change Appreciation Day

We appreciate Waste4Change for their contributions in creating various solutions for the waste management ecosystem as well as its initiative in building multi-sector collaborations that can support the government in realizing a clean, developed, and prosperous Indonesia

Novrizal Tahar

Expressing his support towards the efforts of improving the waste management service in Indonesia, Director of Sanitation, Ditjen Cipta Karya Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Ir. Prasetyo, M.Eng., said

Waste management through the procurement of facilities is one our focus. Since 2018, we have cooperate with Waste4Change to provide assistance for managing waste management sites that uses the 3R principles (reduce, reuse, recycle), usually known as TPS3R in several areas. In addition, the TPS3R within the vicinity of the PUPR head office has been managed by Waste4Change. This is a proof of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing’s support to conduct holistic domestic waste management in order to reduce the volume of waste that end up in landfills.

Mr. Prasetyo talks about waste management infrastructure and system in the Talkshow session of Waste4Change Appreciation Day

The data from Waste4Change Waste Management Awareness Survey 2019 revealed that only 49,2% of households have segregated their waste, whereas the rest 50,8% of households did not. Moreover, 92,8% of respondents stated that they hope for a better waste management system in Indonesia. This Waste4Change survey is conducted to 429 respondents in DKI Jakarta and the surrounding satellite cities.

Meanwhile, Indonesian journalist Andini Effendi also expresses her opinion regarding the matter

People’s awareness towards waste management is still low, so we need to increase it through education. Media as a mean of conveying information holds an important role in supporting a less-waste lifestyle for movements of change in society. The more waste issues that are covered by the media, it is hoped that the more awareness that will be raised.

Talkshow session with Andini W. Effendi

Ever since it was founded in 2014, Waste4Change continues to offer various new solutions for the waste problems in Indonesia. Currently, Waste4Change has covered 48 commercial areas and 2 housing complex with more than 2.600 clients and managed to process more than 5.405 tons of waste in DKI Jakarta and the surrounding areas

This achievement is hoped to be able to help Indonesia to push for a more efficient waste management system in order to reduce the number of waste that ends up in both landfills and the environment.

The Founder and Managing Director of Waste4Change, M. Bijaksana Junerosano

Waste4Change has a vision to become a leader in providing waste management solutions that are ethical and responsible towards a clean-from-Waste Indonesia, one of which is through the use of technology and increasing collaboration. We believe that the supports and collaboration from private sectors, government, and the society become the central element in realizing a circular economy and zero-waste in Indonesia. Through this Waste4Change Appreciation Day, we appreciate the existing and ongoing collaboration from both our patners and clients, in hope that we can generate a wide impact to the improvement of a responsible and sustainable waste management in Indonesia.

Mohamad Bijaksana Junerosano, Managing Director Waste4Change.

In this event, Waste4Change gives an appreciation for 48 institutions from both the private sectors and government, as well as 10 media, who have helped in supporting responsible waste management in Indonesia.

A token of appreciation given to Waste4Change’s clients for their work and cooperation in managing their waste responsibly.

The appreciation for institutions are divided into three categories, the first one is Responsible Waste Management category, given to institutions who have conduct responsible waste management. The list of awardess are:

Silver (2 years of using RWM service)
  1. Australian Embassy
  2. Indonesia Coordinating Ministry of Maritime and Investment Affairs (KEMENKOMARVES)
  3. Wisma Barito Pacific
Platinum (More than 3 years of using RWM)
  1. Vida Bekasi

The second category is Zero Waste to Landfill, given to institutions that have done efforts in reducing the waste that ends up in landfills. The awardee of this category are:

Bronze (1 year of using the ZWTL service)
  1. Anatman Pictures
  2. Assegaf Hamzah & Partners
  3. Berca Schindler
  4. BP Indonesia
  5. Embassy of Denmark, Indonesia
  6. Embassy of France, Indonesia
  7. Embassy of Hungary, Jakarta
  8. Embassy of Ireland, Indonesia
  9. Eralda
  10. ERM
  11. IKEA
  12. Mandom
  13. Miranda Moda
  14. Paribas Bank
  15. Phoenix Comm – Jakarta Now
  16. Premier Oil
  17. Roots Learning Center
  18. SAE Institute
Silver (2 years of using the ZWTL service)
  1. Danone
  2. DBS Bank
  3. Embassy of Finland, Indonesia
  4. Embassy of Sweden, Jakarta
  5. Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
  6. Greenhouse
  7. IFI
  8. Jakarta Land
  9. Indonesian Ministry of Public Works and Housing
  10. Kopi Tuku
  11. L’Oreal
  12. Nestle
  13. Royal Norwegian Embassy, Jakarta, Indonesia
  14. The Body Shop
  15. Think Web
  16. World Bank
  17. Young Living
Gold (3 years of using the ZWTL service)
  1. Decathlon
  2. Gojek
  3. Kafe Selatan
  4. Komunal 88
  5. Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)
Platinum (more than 3 years of using the ZWTL service)
  1. Potato Head Family
  2. Unilever

The last category is called Extended Producer Responsibility, which gives recognition to brands who are responsible for the waste from their consumers.  The brands of companies who received these awards are:

  1. Coca-Cola Indonesia
  2. Nestle
  3. Tetra Pak
  4. The Body Shop
  5. Unilever

Moreover, we also give appreciation to 10 media outlets that Waste4Change considers to have the most coverage on waste management issues in Indonesia for the past 5 years. The media are:

  1. Berita Satu TV
  2. CNN Indonesia
  3. DAAI
  4. Detikcom
  5. IDN Times
  6. Katadata
  7. Kompas.com
  8. Kumparan
  9. Metro TV
  10. NOW! Jakarta
  11. The Jakarta Post

Through this event, Waste4Change hopes that the synergy and roles from all stakeholders (government, private sectors, society, and media) can help support and improve the solutions to a responsible waste management system.

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