Waste Solution in Pandemic Situation: Waste4Change Collects Waste Directly from Your Home!

Kami akan menjemput sampahmu langsung dari rumah!
We will pick up your waste directly from your home!

Personal Waste Management Waste4Change

Waste4Change launches a direct waste-collection service from home to ensure that our clients’ waste is collected safely, segregated, and processed responsibly for optimal recycling.

By optimally recycling waste, Waste4Change invites clients to participate in reducing the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill.

Check the official Waste4Change Personal Waste Management (PWM) site to get the latest information on the type of waste that can be collected & recycled by Waste4Change, how to subscribe, and the service coverage area.

It’s time to ensure that your household waste is managed responsibly by Waste4Change!

Indonesian People Concern for Waste Management

Survei Kesadaran Manajemen Sampah Waste4Change 2019
Waste4Change Waste Management Awareness Survey 2019

As many as 92.8% of 429 respondents in the 2019 Waste4Change Waste Management Awareness Survey in DKI Jakarta and its surroundings stated that they expect a better waste management system in Indonesia.

76.5% of the 429 respondents have reduced the use of disposable products, but only 49.2% have sorted waste at home. 24.5% of the respondents left their waste with the recycling agent or the garbage bank, and 22.4% had processed their organic waste into compost at home.

Why Manage Waste from Home?

Illustrasi memilah sampah di rumah (Sumber: Kanya.id)
Waste segregation illustration (Source: Kanya.id)

Indonesian President Regulation No. 97/2017 is a roadmap towards the 2025 Clean-from-Waste Indonesia (Indonesia Bersih Sampah 2025). The Indonesian government is continually establishing and polishing a model plan in order to:

  1. to reduce the 30% of the country’s waste (from the waste source generation)
  2. to process and manage for at least 70% of the country’s waste in order to avoid it from being accumulated in the landfill
  3. all are expected to be achieved in the year 2025.

Households are one source of waste that is expected to be able to reduce waste production by up to 30% before 2025.

One way for local governments and communities to support the realization of Indonesia Clean-From-Waste 2025 is through the Jakarta’s Regulation on Environmentally-Friendly Shopping Bag according to DKI Jakarta Governor Regulation No.142 of 2019, which is planned to be officially put into effect on July 1, 2020.

With the invitation and appeal to sort waste, manage waste, and support the minimal lifestyle to reduce waste starting from the smallest environment, the house, it is hoped that waste management in Indonesia can be better and can together reduce the waste that ends up in the landfill and our environment.

Household Waste Management Solution

Not only looking at the COVID-19 pandemic situation that led to the need for practical and minimal-contact waste management, in the 2019 Waste4Change Waste Management Awareness Survey, we asked respondents to provide input/opinions for waste management:

“I hope that Waste4change has a waste management agent in each of the district, sub-district, and village. So that the advantage of waste management can be directly felt by the citizens. I am sure in the beginning many of them did not want to sort waste without reward, but if the benefits have been felt, their self-awareness will emerge. “

“I wish for my waste to be picked up monthly directly from my house so we can process residual and hazardous waste”

“Hopefully the community will understand more (about waste management), be more aware, pay more attention, and be inspired to manage waste in their homes.”

Some problems related to waste management that is of concern to respondents are:

Forms response chart. Question title: Isu manajemen sampah di Indonesia yang paling mengganggu Anda saat ini . Number of responses: 429 responses.
The most disturbing waste management issues in Indonesia – 2019 Waste4Change Waste Management Awareness Survey of 429 respondents

23.8% of 429 respondents expressed concern about the low level of waste recycling, 18.6% stated microplastic as the most urgent problem at the moment, 17.9% were worried about the condition of the landfill that was in danger of overcapacity, 16.1% felt sad about the high amount of waste community organic, and 15.9% found the practice of burning/ hoarding/ burying rubbish as unsettling.

Based on input from respondents and other sources, the constraints of managing waste from home are:

  1. Surrounding communities (RT, RW, villages, waste management officers) still do not understand about good and correct waste management, there are still people who burn, guide, and even throw garbage into the river
  2. Waste that has been sorted is mixed again by the garbage collector during transportation
  3. Lack of garbage banks or waste recycling agents in the surrounding area
  4. Still do not know where to distribute certain types of waste such as hazardous and electronic waste, residual waste, and medical waste
  5. The condition of the COVID-19 pandemic causes more waste production at home, so that it requires safe and direct waste management from home to minimize contact to prevent the spread of the virus

Maintain Health in the Middle of a Pandemic Situation with Waste Management from Home

To respond to client requests and keep the community and environment healthy and clean, Waste4Change strives to provide solutions for the transportation and management of residential rubbish by picking up waste directly from our clients’ homes: Personal Waste Management Waste4Change.

Get details on the type of waste that can be collected by Waste4Change, how to subscribe, price fees, benefits, to service coverage areas on the official Waste4Change Personal Waste Management (PWM) page.

Fill out the form, and wait for our team to contact you. For further questions, it can be sent to contact@waste4change.com.

How Will My Waste be Managed?

Your segregated waste will be processed and recycled according to its material by our trusted recycling partners. Some examples of the recycling outputs from our clients’ waste are recycled shopping bags, gyre plastic bags, and even decorative flowers made from plastic.

Some recycling outputs made from the waste collected via the Personal Waste Management service
Some recycling outputs made from the waste collected via the Personal Waste Management service

Moreover, by subscribing to our PWM service, you will not only help in protecting the environment but also help to improve the livelihood of our waste operators and our waste recycling partners. Thank you for doing your part to manage waste from your home and help realize the vision of Clean-from-Waste Indonesia.

Waste4Change is ready to manage your waste sterile, segregated and responsible
Waste4Change is ready to manage your waste sterile, segregated and responsible
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