Types of Electronic Waste: Definition and Categories

We live in an era of technology, so electronic waste is a concern. The constant need for the most recent high-tech products has also become one thing contributing to a large amount of waste in the world today.

electronic waste

E-waste is a term used to cover various forms of electrical and electronic equipment. Whether a new or an old item, it’s still trashing if the owner doesn’t use it for other uses.

This has even become a global pandemic, mainly because of the use that increases the toxicity over time. Both human health and the environment are at risk, so each category of waste like this needs to be handled immediately.

7 Types of Electronic Waste with Its Each Definition

You can’t ignore the fact that there is a lot of waste worldwide, and the amount is unstoppable. But if you see the amount of waste that has increased the most, it is electronic waste. For garbage like this, it is usually divided into these seven types:

1. ICT and Telecommunications Equipment

Items classified into ICT include CPUs, screens, monitors, mice, printers, keyboards, networking equipment, laptops, audio amplifiers, CDs, DVDs, and video cameras. And this number is arguably the most in the current era because it is the easiest to obtain.

2. Office Electronics

Office use and the amount of trash in the world seem to be a problem. Office electronics include calculators, photocopying equipment, electronical, typewriters, telephones, fax machines, and facsimiles if they are still in the office.

3. Large Household Appliances

Let’s see first what electronic items are in large sizes in your home. You could say everyday items such as freezers, cookers, air conditioners, radiators, fans, and many more. And it is classified as electronic waste in a large size.

4. Small Household Appliances

If it was a large one, now try to imagine small items also included in electronic devices. These are things like hair dryers, fryers, swing weaving, and many more. And this also consists of a lot.

5. Consumer Equipment

Items used for consumer use will also be included in the electronic waste sector. This category for consumers is all forms of activity that will be important to serve consumers. Many activities fall into this category.

6. Medical Equipment

And there are still many who are not aware that this waste is also included in medical matters. If this is added up, it can be calculated how much the amount of waste is. So, electronic equipment is involved in injury, treatment, prevention, and detection activities.

7. Toys Leisure and Sports Equipment

As kids grow older, of course, there are toys or games that they no longer use. And there must be some of those items that belong to electronics. If there is only one electronic component, such as a battery, in the toy, then it is classified as e-waste as well.

The problems in our homes are not only in the security sector but also related to environmental issues. Garbage, which is increasing over time, has become the most common issue today. And you see a lot about the types of electronic waste circulating.

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