Reasons Why Investing in Waste Management is a Great Idea

Millennials are interested in sustainable investment due to the alignment with their personal values.

You have the wealth, you own the asset to be invested. That’s a privilege. Not everyone has the possibility to arrange it. Interestingly, the trend to invest in waste management Indonesia is expanding. Who are the main actors? Millennials.

The initial trigger why millennials prefer to invest in eco-friendly waste management is the alignment with their individual value. Millennials – those who are born between 1980 to 1995 – are currently at their productivity phase. Thus, their ability to invest is increasing.

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Reasons Why Investing in Waste Management is a Great Idea

Furthermore, the study from professional service firm Ernst & Young found that the shift from the previous generation to millennials, the firm will experience an impact on the loss of 70-80% of assets.

Consequently, the asset manager who presents the investment option to millennials would explore the most beneficial one.

One of them is a sustainable investment in eco-friendly waste management. Not only stays on the same track with their personal values, but the arrangement for sustainable investment is also beneficial because:

  1. Responsible Investment
    The investment for waste management Indonesia covers end-to-end matters, including eco-friendly waste collection. It is considered responsible as they incorporate environmental, social, and also governance aspects before settling.

Thus, the investment goal for the individual or firm is not merely the financial return. They consider other things including the social and environmental impact.

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2. More Impactful
The excellent investment could be measured from the impact. When someone or a firm decides to invest in eco-friendly waste management, the impacts could be seen in various sectors.

Let’s say climate change, renewable energy, health, security, and also community development. That’s why the current trend of sustainable investment relates heavily to the significant impact.

3. Deeper Connection
Investing in waste management is not only about the financial return with clients. Furthermore, there is an intrinsic factor that couldn’t be found anywhere else.

The intrinsic benefit would also generate a deeper connection in the client’s investing habit. In the long run, this would also create bigger interest from the customers.

4. Following Market Trend
Since the previous decades, the interest in a sustainable investment like waste management is rising. Indeed, millennials represent a major part of it. But, it’s more than that.

There is a macro-economic trend engaging to be elaborated. Estimating in 2050 the population will expand to 2 billion additional people, the global demands for food, water, and energy are increasing.

Hence, the development and innovative approaches for infrastructure related to these demands are crucial. The population will be bigger, as well as the needs.

5. Aligning with Personal Value

As mentioned above, investing in waste management to eco-friendly waste collection meets the particular value of investors. They want to invest wealth and assets not only due to the financial aspect but also how it balances their personal value.

The possibility to consolidate stable financial performance and preferable investment is compelling for investors, especially millennials. Perhaps, this would be the growing trend in the future.

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Socially responsible is the new touch of current investment. The interest to invest in the environmental aspect isn’t just about short-term financial return. Furthermore, it also covers sustainability.

Moreover, when we are talking about millennials, the social and environmental considerations are not just merely investment decisions. It also includes their consumption behavior with similar personal values.

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Author: Azelia Trifiana

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