Largest Landfill in the World with Per Day Statistics

All places, garbage is the largest landfill in the world. Trash is part of the human and can be found in a lot of garbage that is no longer useful. In a growing population, this can be an excellent place for the world you live in.

There are many places in the world full of trash. This makes cleaning the environment necessary, and societies play a significant role in realizing the environment’s health. And believe it or not, you need to play a part in all of that for the environment.

largest landfill in the world
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Everywhere, you will see trash, and the more the population grows, the more the amount of waste circulating will also increase. And after all, this could be a threat to your world. In addition, everyone’s role will also determine the future.

All of this trash will eventually end up in landfills. It is an efficient, modern, and advanced place. However, waste disposal later could end up in inappropriate conditions, so it is better to start protecting the environment now.

Largest Landfill in the World with its Per Day Statistics

Whenever there are humans, there will be trash. Furthermore, the more the population increases, the dirtier the growing society will be. And this will also be the beginning of things that are not good.

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What you need to know is where the trash will end up. You need to know that the garbage you throw away and find every day will end up in a landfill. For the largest landfill in the world, it should be in this place:

1. Apex Regional, Las Vegas, Nevada – 2,2200 Acres

In the first place, with 2,200 acres, there is a Landfill called Apex Regional located in Las Vegas. This landfill can handle up to 15000 tons every day. This landfill is also used as a project for methane gas to meet the needs of 10,000 households.

2. Laogang, Shanghai, China – 1000+ Acres

Furthermore, it is located in Laogang, Shanghai, China, with an area that is no less spectacular, 1000+ acres. Methane gas from this largest landfill in the world is said to have served 100,000 homes. Every year, it accommodates 189 million waste.

3. Bordo Poniente, Mexico City, Mexico – 927 Acres

In Mexico City, there is such a thing as Bordo Poniente, a trash can generated daily. Their contribution is to produce 60 megawatts of electric power from 1.5 million tons of waste received since 2012.

4. Malagrotta, Rome, Italy – 680 Acres

Malagrotta is located in Rome, Italy, and is claimed to have an area of ​​680 acres. This area, this place was considered illegal in 1984. But now, it has received direct certification by the EJOLT agency for electricity and fuel production.

5. Puente Hills, Los Angeles, California – 630 Acres

Despite being closed in 2013, Puente Hills is still the largest landfill. By accommodating as much as 130 million tons of Los Angeles’s municipal waste, it has generated 50 megawatts of power which is sufficient for 70,000 homes.

Landfills are landfills, and this cannot be done haphazardly. This can also provide electrical energy for several houses, so its role is quite significant. However, it is also necessary to know some of the largest landfill in the world and their statistics.

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