Introducing Waste Credit Service by Waste4Change: Help Producers Collect More Waste!

We help you collect waste material to reduce waste that ends up to landfill.

Did you know? As stated in the Ministry of Environment and Forestry data in 2019, Indonesia produces waste up to 175.000 tons/day. Unfortunately only 7,5% of it are recycled and 69% of it goes to landfill

Beside being ended up in the landfill, according to the research from Indonesian Institute of Sciences 2018, about 0.27 to 0.9 million tonnes of waste enters the ocean every year through river flows. This waste is dominated by plastic bags and Styrofoam. 

What is Waste Credit service?

Waste Credit is the brand new service in Waste4Change aimed to help producers collect and manage more inorganic waste from the environment. Through Waste Credit, producers will be able to collect and recycle more waste by various methods, namely: 

  1. Water Cleanup

Waste collection from river and marine debris cleaning 

2. Material Recovery

Waste collection from waste banks, recycling agents, TPS3R, and directly from client locations. 

How Does Waste Credit Work? 

The Waste Credit flow that we perform can be seen by the illustration below:

The waste management flow of Waste Credit service through Material Recovery methods
The waste management flow of Waste Credit service through Water Cleanup methods.

The collected waste then will be sorted in detail in Waste4Change’s Material Recovery Facility and Waste4Change’s recycling partner. Due to its difficulty to be recycled, residual waste will be processed according to the agreement with the client. There are two methods of residual waste management available:

  1. Residual waste will be processed into Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF) to become a source of energy for cement making. As a final step, we will send a report of the amount of waste recycled to the client. 
  2. Residual waste will be sent to the local landfill according to the client’s location
    Waste Credit can be your way to contribute to the environmental conservation effort by collecting and recycling more waste. This waste management activity could also create jobs, because for every 3200 liter of waste, we need 3 waste collectors with increasing income up to 2x. This service also aims to comply with the Regulation of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry no. 75 of 2019 regarding Waste Reduction Roadmap By Manufacturer.

    The benefits that clients will get by subscribing to our Waste Credit service are:

    1. More waste is collected and recycled
    2. The client will get the transparency of data from waste journey report
    3. It allows to target specific types of waste, including residual waste that is difficult to be recycled
    4. The client will get a certificate of waste processing

    Waste Credit service is recommended for all the food and beverage producers, consumer goods manufacturers, cosmetics and personal care producers, or even local and international environmental organizations. Get the proposal now by clicking

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