#IndonesiaFightAgainstCorona: Help Protect Waste Pickers and Waste Officers from COVID-19

29th September 2020 – As many as 2.000 groceries package that consists of rice, cooking oil, sugar, and tea have been distributed gradually to waste pickers and waste officers in three areas, namely Bandung City, Bekasi City, and Garut Regency.

Handover of the Grocery Packages in Bandung City

This distribution of groceries package is given by Kitabisa.com in collaboration with Greeneration Foundation and Waste4Change under the Kitabisa.com Foster Family Program: “Special Groceries Package for Local Heroes who are Fighting for their Families”. This program was then assisted by 4 distribution partners: Garut Regency’s Environmental Agency & GSSI, PD. Kebersihan, as well as Bekasi City’s Environmental Agency

Handover of the Grocery Packages in Bandung City

The distribution period of the grocery package started on 24th September until 2nd October 2020 and began in Garut Regency, with 500 packages being delivered (24th to 25th September), then continued in Bandung City, also with 500 packages (28th to 29th September). Finally, the distribution process ended in Bekasi City, with 1.000 grocery packages being delivered (30th September until 2nd October).

Handover of the Grocery Packages in Garut Regency

The distribution of this grocery package is an effort to help fulfill the daily necessities of the workers in the field of waste management to help them get through the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia. Until 29th September 2020, the Government of Indonesia confirms that there are 282.724 Indonesian citizens who are infected by the Coronavirus, with 210.437 people declared to have recovered and 10.601 deaths.

Therefore, the government conducts various measures in order to handle and curb the transmission of the virus. One of which is by implementing physical distancing or maintaining a safe distance from other people and by working at home.

One of the Beneficiaries of the Grocery Package Distribution in Bandung City

Unfortunately, not all jobs can be done from the comfort of one’s home. Just like health workers who are working at the front lines treating patients infected by the COVID-19, the local heroes who struggle every day in managing waste, namely waste pickers and waste officers, also cannot afford to stay at home and risks becoming infected in order to make a living and keep our environment clean.

“The Greeneration Foundation encourages all waste communities throughout Indonesia to take part in helping the waste pickers in our surroundings. With the help and collaboration of many parties, we are hopeful that we can generate a significant impact and help protect many waste pickers and waste officers from the danger of Covid-19”

Vanessa Letizia, Executive Director of Greeneration Foundation.
Handover of the Grocery Packages in Bekasi City

The aids that were given are hoped to be able to help them maintain their safety and health while earning a living for their family during this pandemic. Last but not least, we would also like to encourage all of you to help ease their burden by segregating your waste at home.

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