How Important is Green Building Certificate in Indonesia?

The green building concept includes several components that must be met, such as water and energy efficiency, reduction in the generation of toxic substances, improvement of air quality, environmentally friendly building materials, waste management, and sustainable development. As evidence to ensure that a building has complied with these components, certification is required through an evaluation by the Green Building Council (GBC) Indonesia.

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The important of green building concept (Source: Houzz)

A green building certificate is also required as a result of the assessment parameters or tools to assess the building’s rating against the achievement of the Green Building concept or environmentally friendly buildings, and as an embodiment of the sustainable development paradigm in the building sector.

Certification Systems

Green Building Council (GBC) Indonesia carries out two certification systems, namely Greenship certification and EDGE certification. Greenship certification is a rating system product issued by a non-profit organization called Green Building Council Indonesia. The system was prepared and compiled by GBC Indonesia through consideration of conditions, natural characteristics, regulations and standards that apply in Indonesia by involving building sector actors who are experts in their respective fields.

Greenship covering six types of certification: 

  1. New Building
  2. Existing Building
  3. Interior Space
  4. Homes
  5. Neighborhood
  6. Net Zero Healthy

EDGE Certification managed by GBC Indonesia with International Finance Corporation (IFC). EDGE Indonesia is a software application with universal standards of green building certification system for emerging markets. GBC Indonesia is in partnership with PT. Seritifikasi Bangunan Hijau and PT. Sucofindo in this certification program. 

Trees bring nature to the environment (Source: YouMatter World)

Greenship Certification Process

In addition to having component requirements, to get certified a building must go through several steps. The following steps are the Greenship certification process:

  1. Registration with a statement of interest and administrative letter
  2. Eligibility of green building concept requirements
  3. Workshops/consultation
  4. Document and site verification
  5. Evaluation from the Assessment Board
  6. Certified

Award for Green Building Certification

After having the component requirements and passing the assessment stage, there are several awards that can be obtained in green building certification. 

  1. Platinum: building certification value more than 73% points.
  2. Gold: building certification value more than 57% points.
  3. Silver: building certification value more than 46% points.
  4. Bronze: building certification value more than 35% points.

Benefits of Implementing the Green Concept

The application of the this green concept has many benefits. They are such as reducing the operational and maintenance costs of buildings, a longer period of use of the building, saving water resources, improving the quality of life, and reducing the carbon footprint. Not only for the sake of the building, but also to save the environment. 

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