Green Office: More Than Just Plants

Considering buildings are responsible for energy-related emissions, adapting the green office concept is not merely about plants, but sustainability.

Feeling overwhelmed with all those piles of work? Say no more. Hence, many people decided to create a green office. Though the name contains “green”, it’s not just about plants. It also comprises the offices’ impacts on the environment.

What distinguishes green offices from other offices is sustainability. This kind of building manages to create efficient energy usage and also low emissions hence could be a good example for eco-friendly waste management in Indonesia.

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What Makes Them Different?

Green offices accommodate some rules to ensure sustainability, for instance:

  • Technologies

The green office incorporates technologies like smart lighting systems and AC-automation to ensure the efficiency of the energy. Furthermore, the building would prioritize reused materials to support this campaign.

Interestingly, sustainable green offices also take part in reducing global emissions. Bitter truth: Buildings account for gas emissions, from two main sources: electricity and natural gas consumption.

According to the United Nations Environment Programme, 40% of greenhouse gas emissions and also 20% of solid waste in developed countries come from buildings.

  • Design

The term “green” is not about color. It also means more exposure to nature and natural light (bonus: abundant sunlight means less lighting!) hence the natural elements and materials applied.

Moreover, the green office could also design biophilic interiors. It’s about the growing adoption of nature-inspired design. Anyone who works in this space will sense the calming and relaxing ambiance.

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Why Is It Needed?

Not only desirable for the environment, but the green office is also crucial for the people who spend most of their time in it.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Increased Productivity
    The University of Exeter found that green office increases productivity to 15%. Whenever someone is working in an environment that appeals psychologically, they would work excellently.

Also, exposure to natural lights might also be beneficial. The brighter, the better. A study from Northwestern Medicine and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign proved it. The environment represents a major role in boosting cognitive function from the employees.

  • Environmentally Friendly
    A green office is a concept that needs to be heard louder in the relation to waste management Indonesia. This kind of building has eco-friendly waste management to eco-friendly waste collection. It means the emission and final energy use would be reduced if implemented across the industries.

Furthermore, eco-friendly waste management could be achieved by implementing the rules. Start from the basic, separating the organic and inorganic waste. The office management could also give the technical induction training to socialize the program.

After that, the people could also manage the eco-friendly waste collection. Waste management Indonesia would be better by adapting to this responsible concept.

  • Better Air Quality
    Green office with plants also means natural air-purifier. The way plants remove particles could reduce dust levels up to 20%. Moreover, the flora could also enhance the air humidity up to 30-60%.

Elaborating further about biophilic interiors, it’s beneficial due to its restorative power. The research said that patients in hospitals who are exposed to natural scenery from their windows have fewer sick days.

This is a fact. The ecological aspect of a building can minimize stress levels, elevate mood, and overcome mental fatigue. Perhaps, this is what the employees need the most amid work-related stressors.

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The practice of eco-friendly waste collection in Indonesia is expanding. Hopefully not only from waste of the household but also from the offices.

Not only through processing waste at home, your company and business can initiate responsible waste management to further realize the implementation of Green Office.

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Author: Azelia Trifiana

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