We educate Company/ Residences/ School/ Community about the importance of waste management.

Event Waste Management

Collaborate your events with us and get responsible waste management during the event. No more dirty & messy after the event. 

What will you get during the event:

  • Sorted Waste Bin with its signage
  • Pasukan Bijak Sampah as responsible waste management educator for visitor
  • Report of waste generation & composition


EDUBIS or Edukasi Bijak Sampah is a program designed by Waste4Change in order to educate Company/ School/ Community about importance of Responsible Waste Management.

Participant recommendation:

  • Management
  • Staff


  • Waste problem in Indonesia
  • 3R Principle
  • Five aspect of responsible waste management
  • How to segregate waste


AKABIS or Akademi Bijak Sampah is another program created to educate about responsible waste management with deeper and self experience approach.

Participant recommendation:

  • Company champion team
  • Environmental agent candidate
  • Government employee


  • Landfills tour
  • Waste4Change facilities tour
  • Shock moment of waste

Cleaning Service Education

Education of how to apply Waste4Change system into their daily standard operating procedure.

Participant recommendation:

  • Office Boy
  • Cleaning Service

Training includes:

  • Sharing & discussion of existing waste management system
  • Practice for Waste4Change system
  • Monitoring & evaluation

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