Brand-Labeled Packaging Recycling Program: Bring Back Our Bottles by The Body Shop®

The Body Shop® Invites Consumers to Recycle

The Body Shop® Indonesia has taken part in the process of recycling used packaging for its products. Through the Bring Back our Bottles program (abbreviated as BBOB), which was launched in 2008, The Body Shop® Indonesia invites loyal customers to return empty packaging of products labeled with their brands for later recycling.

Consumers can leave their used packaging at The Body Shop ®’s several outlets that do provide special boxes for the deposition of used packaging. After returning the used packaging, consumers can get rewards in the form of points through the Love Your Body ™ program which can later be exchanged for shopping vouchers.

The Body Shop® Indonesia initiative to provide a program that allows consumers to ensure the recycling of their used packaging is part of The Body Shop® Indonesia’s Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program (also read: 5 Things You Need Know About EPR). The program is also part of the support of The Body Shop® Indonesia in applying the concept of a circular economy in Indonesia.

The Body Shop

How is The Body Shop® Used Packaging Recycled?

Since 2015, The Body Shop® Indonesia has been collaborating with Waste4Change for the recycling of their used packaging collected via the BBOB program from outlets in the Greater Jakarta and Bandung areas.

The Body Shop® Indonesia’s used consumer packaging will be sorted according to its type at the Waste4Change’s Material Recovery Facility (MRF).

Later, after being sorted into glass, plastic, paper, metal, and residual waste and separated from the rest of organic material, these materials will be managed and distributed to trusted Waste4Change partners and recycling agents.

For residual waste that is difficult to recycle (also read: Things You Need to Know About Residual Waste), will be processed by Waste4Change’s RDF (Refuse-Derived Fuel) technology partners so it does not end up in the landfill #ZeroWastetoLandfill.

Dita Agustia, Brand Values Manager The Body Shop® Indonesia

Dita Agustia, as the Brand Values ​​Manager of The Body Shop® Indonesia, revealed that one of the reasons The Body Shop® Indonesia’s BBOB program began in 2008 was because The Body Shop® Indonesia did not want to contribute in adding waste to the ocean.

In addition to prioritizing the use of plant-based ingredients (vegan) and eliminating animal product testing (supporting animal rights), The Body Shop® Indonesia also cares about environmental conservation and waste management of their products.

This is one of the reasons why The Body Shop® Indonesia entrusts the management of packaging waste labeled with The Body Shop® Indonesia brand to Waste4Change.

Waste4Change Supports Manufacturer’s Recycling Program

Supporting the implementation of a circular economy in Indonesia, Waste4Change has provided services for the brand-labeled packaging recycling program, Extended Producer Responsibility (, that is suitable for producers, industries, and brands.

In addition to taking part in efforts to reduce waste that accumulates in the environment, the Waste4Change’s EPR program can also help brand clients to protect their brand identity from misuse, theft, or counterfeiting.

One client who also uses the services of Waste4Change’s EPR program to recycle their products is Gojek Indonesia who entrusts the recycling of helmets, jackets, and backpacks that are no longer suitable for use to be recycled with the Zero-Waste to Landfill system so as not to end up at the landfill and also to protect the safety of drivers and customers from individuals who use the identity of Gojek Indonesia.

Starting from the recycling of health products, beauty, personal care, all to brand identity equipment. It is time for us to start supporting the implementation of the circular economy and adding our brand value by holding a sustainable recycling program to support Zero-Waste to Landfill (ZWTL).

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