Bekasi Residents Could Now Send Their Used Cooking Oil (UCO) Waste to Their Hamlet Office (Kantor RW)!

Hello Bekasi City residents!

Did you know that it is dangerous to reuse the cooking oil many times?

As stated in Medical News Today, repeated used cooking oil changes its composition and releases acrolein, which is a potentially carcinogenic chemical.

However, the used cooking oil was not supposed to be thrown into water sewage, drainage, or even soil either. Because, it may clog the plumbing and pollute soil and water resources as well. 

Therefore, let’s manage your cooking with Waste4Change and BekasiKeren!

How do I send the used cooking oil (UCO) to be recycled?

  1. Make sure the used cooking oil is at room temperature before packing.
  2. Separate and place the used cooking oil in an airtight container.
    It is better to pack the used cooking in a metal or glass-based container. If you want to pack the used cooking oil in a plastic container, choose a thick plastic material.
  3. Make sure the container used is not easily leaked and don’t forget to label the container in order to help the waste operator later.
  4. After doing the steps above, you may send the used cooking oil to your area’s hamlet head office (kantor RW).

What types of used cooking oil can be sent?

  1. Vegetable cooking oil or cooking oil made from plants.
  2. The used cooking oil that has not been mixed with water.
  3. The used cooking oil that has been strained to remove any particles and crumbs.

Can I exchange the used cooking oil I sent for money or other benefits? 

Some hamlet head offices (kantor RW) offer money, credit, or items for every kilogram of used cooking oil sent. You can ask the details from your area’s hamlet head office (kantor RW). For your information, the used cooking oil prices may change at any time depending on market conditions.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of used cooking oil that can be sent?

Please ask your area’s hamlet head office (kantor RW) for the minimum and maximum amount of oil that can be sent at one time.

What is the result of the used cooking oil recycling process? 

The used cooking oil collected will be processed safely and responsibly into biodiesel. In this case, Waste4Change is collaborating and distributing the oil directly to PT. Delta Hijau Abadi.

Starting together with the National Waste Awareness Day, February 21, 2021, the Bekasi City Government together with Waste4Change, and supported by the Bank Sampah Induk Patriot (BSIP) Bekasi, launched a used cooking oil management program that involved all the Bekasi residents to take a part. Through this program, Bekasi residents can send their used cooking oil to be recycled into various products, such as biodiesel.

What are you waiting for? Let’s do our part in supporting  eco-friendly waste management with Waste4Change and BekasiKeren!

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