Award4Change 2021 – An Appreciation to Responsible Waste Management Initiative

Bekasi, November 26, 2021 – Closing the 7th-anniversary event series, PT Wasteforchange Alam Indonesia (Waste4Change) organized an appreciation award, ‘Award4Change 2021’, to appreciate the implementation of responsible waste management by companies and governmental institutions. At this event, Waste4Change also gave a lifetime achievement award to two inspirational figures of Indonesia. Award4Change was attended by Novrizal Tahar as the Waste Management Director of the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Mohamad Bijaksana Junerosano as the Managing Director of Waste4Change, Shinta Kamdani as the President of IBCSD, Alistair Speirs as the Chairman of MVB, Suparno Jumar as the ‘Peduli Ciliwung’ Community Activist, Resa Boenard as the founder of BGBJ Bantar Gebang, and also awardees from companies, organizations, and waste institutions.

Award4Change 2021
Award4Change 2021

Wacth the Event Recording on Youtube Waste4ChangeID

Award4Change adalah acara tahunan yang diadakan oleh Waste4Change sebagai bentuk penghargaan terhadap klien, mAward4Change is a yearly event held by Waste4Change to appreciate clients and partners from the private and government sectors. This year, there are ten award categories with a total of 27 awardees, which are: Most Zero-Waste to Landfill, Most Reduce-Waste to Landfill, Most Responsible Brand, Local Initiator of the Year, Community Empowerment Project Highlight, Eco-Tourism Project Highlight, Research Project Highlight, Low-Value Plastic Collection Project Highlight, Best Recycling Partner, Great Collaboration, and lifetime achievement award category, Waste Warrior.

Award4Change 2021 – Mohamad Bijaksana Junerosano, Founder Waste4Change

“Through this Award4Change 2021 event, we give our utmost appreciation towards companies that have made their best effort in responsible waste management. These efforts start from ensuring the supply chain runs optimally at every stage to reduce waste generation, using environmentally-friendly packaging to increase recycling values, and making sure the partners and consumer are involved in waste reduction and management,” said the Managing Director of Waste4Change, Mohamad Bijaksana Junerosano or Sano.

“Reaching its 7th anniversary, Waste4Change has managed 8,424 tons of waste. Our waste transportation service has collected waste from 2,828 households in two residential areas and 68 client companies on 114 pick-up points. Waste4Change has also run 227 community assistance projects, researches, and waste management training, with a total of 514,306 direct beneficiaries throughout Indonesia. We couldn’t accomplish those achievements without the support of our clients, partners, and waste issue activists that have fought alongside us throughout the years,” explained Sano.

Award4Change 2021 – Message from Indonesia’s Ministry of Environment and Forestry Waste Management Director – Bapak Novrizal Tahar

Waste Warrior Indonesia: Suparno Jumar and Resa Boenard

Waste4Change gives a lifetime achievement, the Waste Warrior award, to two figures upon their dedication to preserving the environment and their effort to develop a waste community. The Waste Warrior award is given to Suparno Jumar as the activist of Peduli Ciliwung Community, and Resa Boenard as the Founder of The BGBJ, which actively educates about waste management and language skills to the children who live around Bantar Gebang landfill.

Suparno Jumar joined the Bogor Peduli Ciliwung Community in 2015 as a volunteer. He left his job to become a full-time River Defender. With members of the Peduli Ciliwung Community, Suparno Jumar still actively cleans the river and always tries to educate the people on the importance of keeping the river’s cleanliness and protecting the environment.

“Whatever (title) is pinned on me as a representative of Peduli Ciliwung Community of Bogor City, we hope it will become a boost for the many things we can contribute to the universe, especially on what we can do for our region,” said Suparno Jumar, Ciliwung River activist.

Award4Change 2021 – Bapak Suparno Jumar dari Komunitas Peduli Ciliwung Bogor menerima penghargaan Award4Change 2021

Resa Boenard witnessed the change of Bantar Gebang landfill, which was once a hectare of rice fields has now become mountains of waste. She doesn’t want the future of the children who live in Bantar Gebang hindered by the adverse social effects of an unhealthy environment. Resa Boenard founded the children’s education space, BGBJ, which means Bantar Gebang Biji (The Seeds of Bantar Gebang). Her philosophy is that children are seeds that can later grow into a strong tree that’s useful for others.

“I still can’t believe that I got this award. Seeing our video being played, I feel like crying because this has been a rough year for me and BGBJ. I hope (there will be) more waste activists and also better waste management in Indonesia, so we don’t have to witness nice and beautiful villages turn into waste management facilities,” explained Resa Boenard as the founder of The Kingdom of BGBJ Bantar Gebang.

Award4Change 2021 – Resa Boenard dari Komunitas The BGBJ Bantar Gebang menerima penghargaan Award4Change 2021

“I hope this event can give motivations and inspiration to business owners and other institutions to implement responsible waste management. Waste4Change commits to continuously improving responsible waste management services. We are also actively open to collaboration with various parties to support the realization of 2021 Clean-from-Waste Indonesia,” said Sano at the end of the Award4Change 2021 awarding event.

Awardees List of Award4Change 2021

Most Zero-Waste to Landfill

  • DBS Indonesia – Cabang Jakarta (PT Bank DBS Indonesia)
  • IKEA Alam Sutera (PT Hero Supermarket, Tbk.)
  • Unilever Head Office (PT Unilever Indonesia, Tbk.)
  • Danone Head Office (PT Tirta Investama)
  • Potato Head – Threebuns + Kaum (PT Tiga Roti Perdana)
  • Kantor Pusat Kementerian Keuangan RI
  • Kantor Pusat Kementerian PUPR RI

Most Reduce-Waste to Landfill

  • Goethe Institut
  • British Embassy Jakarta
  • Kyo Coffee (PT Mata Segar Jiwa Segar)
  • Wisma Barito (PT Griya Idola)
  • Kantor Pusat Kementerian ESDM RI 

Most Responsible Brand

  • The Body Shop (PT Monica Hijau Lestari)
  • IKEA Central Fulfillment Unit (PT IKEA Indonesia)
  • Young Living (PT Young Living Indonesia)
  • PT Rouse Consulting International

Local Initiator of the Year

  • Audrey Bernanda (Co-Founder Ecaps Cafe)

Community Empowerment Project Highlight

  • InspirACTion (PT Tetra Pak Indonesia)

Eco-Tourism Project Highlight

  • Fishing for Litter (GiZ Indonesia)

Research Project Highlight

  • Study of Food Loss and Waste in Indonesia 2021 (Direktorat Lingkungan Hidup, Kementerian PPN/Bappenas)
  • Monitoring Sampah Sungai (The Ocean Cleanup)

Low-Value Plastic Collection Project Highlight

  • RePurpose Global
  • PT Nestle Indonesia

Best Recycling Partner

  • Daya Selaras Group

Great Collaboration

  • Dinas Lingkungan Hidup DKI Jakarta
  • Dinas Lingkungan Hidup Kabupaten Bogor
  • Pemerintah Kota BekasiWaste Warrior Award
  • Suparno Jumar, aktivis Komunitas Peduli Ciliwung
  • Resa Boenard, pendiri The BGBJ

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