6 Years of Waste4Change: Check Out Our New Services and Products for Responsible Waste Management Solutions

This month, Waste4Change is turning six!

What started off as a sincere concern of our founder, M. Bijaksana Junerosano, towards Indonesia’s waste problem has now grown into a company that gives responsible waste management solutions filled with passionate people in their respective fields.

Six years might look short for a company, but for us, it’s definitely been a long journey packed with collaborations, innovations, challenges, new and old clients, and so much more.

And for that, please allow us to introduce and list down some of the newest services and products that Waste4Change provides as a part of the solution to our growing waste problem

1. Personal Waste Management

Our newest service is called Personal Waste Management, which will pick up and manage your segregated waste straight from your doorstep!

We accept inorganic paper waste (HVS, carton, cardboard) and non-paper waste (plastic, glass, metal, sachets, rubber, textile). Please keep in mind that we do not yet accept electronic waste, medical waste, toxic and hazardous waste (B3).

You only need to sort your inorganic waste into their respective categories according to the guide that we provide. Put those waste into the blue and orange trash bag, and wait for the day of the pickup.

The subscription fee starts from IDR 495.000 per 3 months. You can also subscribe to our PWM service for 6 months (IDR 825.000) and for a whole year (IDR 1.485.000).

The fee that you paid will be allocated for several aspects: 58% for our waste collection partners, 17% for waste4change’s revenue, 15% for our waste management partners, and the remaining 10% for the waste segregation tools and equipment that we provided for our clients.

Allocated fee for the Personal Waste Management service

In another word, by subscribing to Personal Waste Management, you can help our waste management partners and operators get decent pay within a safe, fair, and accountable system.

2. Responsible Waste Management, Now Available in 5 New Cities!

Our 100% holistic waste management service for companies, buildings, and businesses has now been expanded to include five more cities!

The new cities that are included in our service area are namely Bandung, Medan, Surabaya, Sidoarjo, and Semarang.

By subscribing to our Responsible Waste Management service, clients will get separate trash bags for them to segregate their waste, a one-time induction training for staff and employees, as well as waste journey report in order for our clients to further improve their waste management system.

Our RWM service will help companies and businesses to drastically reduce the amount of waste that might otherwise end up in landfills while at the same time help to increase the waste segregation rate.

3. Black Soldier Flies (BSF) Larvae

Our Black Soldier Flies Learning Center in Sidoarjo also sells various products made from Black Soldier Flies (BSF) to be used in organic waste management or as animal feed.

Below is the list of our BSF products for breeding and cultivation purposes:

  • BSF eggs – IDR 15,000/g (minimum order 5 g)
  • BSF 5-Day Small Larvae (5-Dol) – IDR 0,75/larvae (minimum order 100.000 larvae)
  • BSF 15-Day Larvae – IDR 6,000/kg (minimum order 10kg)
  • BSF Pre-Pupae – IDR 25,000/kg (minimum order 5kg)
  • BSF Pupae – IDR 100/pupae (minimum order 1.000)
  • BSF Starter Kit – IDR65,000 (minimum order 500 pupae and 1 set eggie)

If you are considering starting your own BSF cultivation, you can also participate in our Black Soldier Flies training programs, which are divided into three types: 1-day training, 5-day training, and an intensive 21-day training program.

If you are looking for an alternative animal feed that is highly nutritious and safe for your farm animals, then you can also check the various BSF products that we currently provide in collaboration with PRO BSF

Price list for BSF products (the items that are currently available are the PRO POP, FLAKES, AND CRUMB)

1. Pro Pop: Made from BSF larvae that have been dried out and can serve as feed for animals such as chicken, fish, shrimp, etc.

Illustration for the PRO POP products
Nutritional facts for the PRO POP Products

2. Pro Flakes: Made from BSF larvae that have been dried out for 24 hours under the temperature of 60 Celcius degree. Suitable for animal feed such as cattle or pets.

The illustration for the PRO FLAKES Products
Nutritional facts for the PRO FLAKES Products

3. Pro Crumb: Made from BSF larvae that have been sanitized, dried through dehydration process, and then chopped roughly into crumbs. Suitable for consumption by small fish such as betta fish and guppy.

Illustration for the PRO CRUMB Products
Nutritional facts for the PRO CRUMB Products

So far, those are our newest services and products that can serve as responsible waste management solutions for our clients and the general public. Keep yourself up to date by subscribing to our newsletter and following our social media @Waste4Change.

Here’s to many more years of collaborations and innovations for a Free-from-Waste Indonesia!

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