3 Reasons to Build Your Own Black Soldier Fly Nursery

Black Soldier Fly (BSF) is gaining global attention. This type of fly is said to be the great solution to reduce organic waste.

Not only that BSF larvae could consume organic waste and eradicate our organic waste problems completely, but the BSF larvae is also a great source of protein for our pets and animal stocks – even a great protein source for humans too.

Yes, it’s possible that we humans would enjoy a dish or snack made from BSF larvae in the future – considering how environmentally-friendly and relatively easy for one to build his/her own Black Soldier Fly nursery.

If you’re interested in having your own Black Soldier Fly nursery, here’s a few things that you should know to start your own business:

#1 Black Soldier Fly Supports Circular Economy

This type of fly consumes organic waste – big load of organic waste.

If you need to be extra careful with your pet and cattle, making sure that their meals are suitable for their nutrition needs, cooked to prevent disease, fresh and delicious for their taste – you don’t need to be like that with Black Soldier Fly larvae.

Black Soldier Fly larvae eat any type of organic waste: your food scrap, rotting meat, decomposing fruit and vegetables. Things might be a little bit difficult with the hard type of organic waste such as bones, egg shells, wood, and hard fruit shells (coconut shell, avocado seed), but you could crush it and put it into the compost mixture or use it as a growing bed for the BSF larvae.

It’s amazing that BSF larvae could eliminate organic waste almost completely and reduce the production of greenhouse gas without using non-renewable resources in its process. This is why Black Soldier Fly is a very great example of a closed-loop circular economy implementation in processing the organic waste.

#2 Black Soldier Fly Has So Many Benefits and Potentials

Black Soldier Fly serves 3 important values: environmental, nutritional, and economical.

To conclude all the benefits of Black Soldier Fly larvae:

  1. Black Soldier Fly larvae is environmentally-friendly and supports circular economy
  2. As long as you have a place and source of organic waste, starting Black Soldier Fly nursery is relatively cheap compared to other type of business 
  3. The life cycle of Black Soldier Fly is less than 50 days, so it’s pretty quick to start the organic waste processing and to sell the larvae and compost as the results
  4. Black Soldier Fly larvae is high in protein and great for animal feed or cattle feed
  5. Organic waste is best to be processed as fast as possible and at the source, so establishing a Black Soldier Fly nursery in the housing area or district level might be a great solution in the future.

Imagine a fish farm business owner, having enough space to establish its own black soldier fly nursery to produce feed for his fishes. Or a market manager that wants to make sure that the food that did not pass to the consumers could still serve some values.

Black Soldier Fly could be the answer to optimize the benefits of organic materials.

#3 Dry Black Soldier Fly Larvae and Black Soldier Fly Oil Could Further Support Its Business Value

Some waste management startups and even local authorities have participated in building their own black soldier fly nursery. Considering its economical value, this is a given situation.

There are 3 types of product that could be sold from a Black Soldier Larvae nursery:

  1. Fresh Black Soldier Fly larvae (dry and fresh)
  2. Compost
  3. Biogas and Bio Oil

You might be asking: but how about the expiration date? The fresh Black Soldier Fly larvae sure could not be stored for a long time? We could only sell it to the nearest fish farm or cattle or else we need to send it through express service or cold case?

Here’s the good news: Black Soldier Fly larvae could also be processed into dry animal feed. Using an oven and certain methods, we could prolong the expiration date of Black Soldier Fly larvae and sell it to the customers in different provinces or even different countries.

Some of the buyers might feel a bit skeptical about the safety and cleanliness of the Black Soldier Fly Larvae. Since the larvae are eating organic waste, some people might express their worries in terms of hygienity.

The dry black soldier fly larvae is a great answer to that doubt.

Black Soldier Fly Dry Larvae
Dry Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Not that Black Soldier Fly larvae aren’t healthy, the larvae have their own neutralizing mechanism in their stomach. But roasting the larvae in the oven could convince the buyers that the products that they bought are safe for their animal’s consumption.

Another byproduct of Black Soldier Fly process is black soldier fly oil that is rich in lauric acid – a chemical that could only be found in kernel and coconut oil.


If you’re ready to take the next step into the Black Soldier Fly nursery business, you could enroll in the Black Soldier Fly Learning Center Class by Waste4Change. 

In the Black Soldier Fly Learning Center Class you could learn everything about the life cycle of Black Soldier Fly and tips on nurturing both the larvae and the adult fly. You could also get the access to obtain the tools and equipment needed to start the business.

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