Black Soldier Flies (BSF): Great Business Opportunity and a Perfect Solution to Organic Waste Problem

Where Does Our Food Waste Go?

FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation) has mentioned that roughly one-third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year — approximately 1.3 billion tonnes — gets lost or wasted.

In Indonesia alone, we are facing the fact that almost 13 million tonnes of food are wasted every year. The wasted food could feed roughly 28 million people, the same number of hunger rates in Indonesia (according to a study made by Detik Finance).

Considering that organic waste is one of the biggest contributors to global warming, the statement about food waste situation in Indonesia has drawn much attention from food and waste experts all around the world. In fact, according to a study made by Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) in 2016, Indonesia is the second largest food waster of the world, squandering nearly 300 kilograms of food per person each year.

picture via sciencemeetsfood
picture via sciencemeetsfood

The Great Potential of Organic Waste

Biogas for the new alternative of renewable energy source, compost that fertilizes the soil, and animal feed, those are just 3 of many benefits that we could get from managing organic waste in a correct and responsible way.

Organic waste could also be used as a source of food for another highly-valuable commodity: Black Soldier Flies (BSF).

Courtesy of Northern Recycling
Courtesy of Northern Recycling

Organic Waste and Black Soldier Flies (BSF)

Black Soldier Flies (BSF) is the type of flies that is bigger from the normal flies and known for its amazing quality in consuming and reducing the organic waste. This is why organic Waste and Black Soldier Flies (BSF) goes hand in hand. BSF is useful in reducing the amount of organic waste that existed, resulting in good raw materials for compost and a water waste residue that could be processed into biogas.

The BSF itself can be bred and sold as a new protein source that could be used as animal feed. The egg and larvae could be produced and marketed for various purposes.

Here below is the detailed chart about the decomposition of organic waste using Black Soldier Flies (BSF) and the list of commodities produced from the process:

Black Soldier Flies and Organic Waste
Black Soldier Flies and Organic Waste

Where and how do I learn the cultivation of Black Soldier Flies (BSF)?

Considering the benefits that can be gained from the decomposing process of organic waste by Black Soldier Flies (BSF), the Waste4Change Sidoarjo branch has dedicated time and resources to educate and held a workshop class on Black Soldier Flies (BSF) cultivation and nurturing techniques.

The Black Soldier Flies (BSF) Cultivation Workshop Class by Waste4Change Sidoarjo is currently only available at:

Waste4Change Sidoarjo


Tempat Pengolahan Sampah Terpadu

Pasar Induk Modern Puspa Agro

Jalan Sawunggaling No.177-183


Tutik Ratna Sari (Ratna)

+62 852 2771 4860

BSF Facilities Waste4Change Sidoarjo
BSF Facilities Waste4Change Sidoarjo (courtesy of Waste4Change Sidoarjo)

Who should join the Black Soldier Flies (BSF) Breeding and Cultivation Workshop Class by Waste4Change Sidoarjo?

The Black Soldier Flies (BSF) Cultivation Workshop Class by Waste4Change Sidoarjo is dedicated to anyone who wishes to learn about organic waste decomposition using Black Soldier Flies (BSF) or anyone who wishes to deepen his/her knowledge about the cultivation and breeding process of Black Soldier Flies (BSF).

Our workshop students are ranged from ecologist, entrepreneur, restaurant or food business owner, scholar, academic student, and academic professor. We invite everyone who has a big concern and great interest in organic waste, food waste, black soldier flies (BSF), also business opportunities to attend our class.

One of our participants, Fabio from Costarica (right side of the picture)
One of our participants, Fabio from Costarica (right side of the picture)

“My first feeling when I arrived there, was like a great discover for me. Everything that I knew, everything that I learned everyday was very useful. I am very happy, very glad, for that training. I learned a lot, and without a doubt, I would recommend this training to anyone (who) wants to make change in terms of waste management and new protein development.”

Fabio Samora, Costarican Biologist

What Will I Learn in the Black Soldier Flies (BSF) Cultivation Workshop Class by Waste4Change Sidoarjo?

Waste4Change Sidoarjo currently provides 3 learning packages:

  • 1-Day Visit Program, suitable for anyone who’s considered as a beginner in the field of Black Soldier Flies (BSF) cultivation. We will give you a tour and introduction to our BSF’s nursery and cultivation facilities and a simple hands-on session to let you experience the nursing process of BSF and food waste decomposition using BSF.
  • 5-Day Short-Internship Program, suitable for participants who want to explore more about Black Soldier Flies (BSF) cultivation techniques and experience the nurturing process by himself/herself. You will have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge by participating in our daily BSF’s nursing and cultivating works.
  • 21-day Intensive Program, suitable for entrepreneurs, business owner, or anyone who wish to establish his/her own BSF breeding and cultivation facility. Besides getting the similar introduction and hands-on session like the other two programs, we will also help you to design and plan your own BSF’s breeding and cultivation facility in your town/area. Together we will discuss the best work schedule and business plan that fit your area’s condition and your resources.

Certificate, module, and BSF starter kit will be provided to the participant of short-internship and intensive program.

BSF Cultivation learning session (courtesy of Waste4Change Sidoarjo)

Where will I stay during my study at BSF Breeding and Cultivation Workshop?

All programs that are offered by Waste4Change Sidoarjo’s BSF Cultivation Workshop excludes:

  • Transportation to and from the location of Waste4Change Sidoarjo
  • Accommodation during visit and training
  • Visa fee to enter Indonesia
  • Insurance
  • Daily meals

If you need our help to find the nearest and most suitable accommodations for your stay during the workshop, please notify us before your visit.

How much money should I invest to join the Black Soldier Flies (BSF) Cultivation Workshop Class by Waste4Change Sidoarjo?

Investment fees are varied, depending on the program and the objective of your study.

If you wish to get the cost details and the full explanation of the workshop or if you have any question regarding Black Soldier Flies (BSF) Cultivation Workshop Class by Waste4Change Sidoarjo, please take your time to fill out this form.



BSF Cultivation learning session (courtesy of Waste4Change Sidoarjo)
BSF Cultivation learning session (courtesy of Waste4Change Sidoarjo)

Where could I get the Black Soldier Flies (BSF) cultivation equipment, BSF products, and Black Soldier Flies (BSF) starter kit?

Waste4Change Sidoarjo provides BSF products, also the equipment and starter kit for Black Soldier Flies (BSF) breeding and cultivation purpose. The BSF products that we offer are ranged from egg, larvae, and pupae.

Here below is the list of our BSF products:

  • BSF Oviposition Cage – IDR350,000/piece (size: 70x70x150cm)
  • BSF eggs – IDR15,000/g (minimum order 5 g)
  • BSF 5-Day Small Larvae (5-Dol) – IDR0,75/larvae (minimum order 100.000 larvae)
  • BSF 15-Day Larvae – IDR6,000/kg (minimum order 10kg)
  • BSF Pre-Pupae – IDR15,000/kg (minimum order 5kg)
  • BSF Pupae – IDR100/pupae (minimum order 100K)
  • BSF Starter Kit – IDR65,000 (minimum order 500 pupae and 1 set eggie)
BSF Produtcs Waste4CHange Sidoarjo
BSF Produtcs Waste4CHange Sidoarjo

Inquiries and order:

Tutik Ratna Sari (Ratna)

+62 852 2771 4860

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