3 Environmental-Friendly Tips if You Choose to Keep Using a Liquid Soap Instead of a Bar Soap

The Bar Soap Dilemmas

Believe us, we understand.

After years of experiencing the easy life of using a practical body wash instead of those slippery and mushy bar soaps, someone tells you that liquid soap is bad for the environment.

So you were asked to use a bar soap instead.

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You might have read that article about how all soaps are made using non-organic chemicals—even in the slightest bit of amount. You may have thought about how people around you used to tell you (and still telling you the same thing, to this day) that liquid soap are far more hygienic than the solid one. All of those information strike a big question in your mind:

Should I really do the bar soap switch?

Will it be safe for my body?

Is there any way to keep using liquid soap without harming the environment?

Confuse no more and read on, we will give you the answer of your ever-burning question!

3 Environmental-Friendly Steps on Using a Liquid Soap

1. Why don’t give the eco-friendly body wash a try?

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They come with a price. Some even claimed the weird, unsatifsying after-wash sensation (slippery skin, where’s the bubble?). The so-called environmental-friendly liquid soap even said to be not 100% naturals and organics.

But compared to the other liquid soaps that you’ve found out there, these eco-friendly liquid soaps are worth the try. Give us an update, though. We would like to know your takes about it.

2.Some of the liquid soap brands are willing to take their packagings back

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They did! Here’s the list of several environment-friendly brands in Indonesia:

  • The Body Shop with its Bring Back Our Bottle campaign. They are giving pretty amazing discounts for every empty plastic bottle that you bring back to them. Stay tuned with their social medias to know more about the amazing program!
  • Innisfree has held the bottle recycle program for the past 10 years. There’s interesting offer waiting for you. Visit their store and ask to know more!
  • Kiehl’s will give you one stamp for each empty, full-size container you bring in for recycling to a Kiehl’s store. Once you’ve reached up to 10 stamps, you’ll receive a free travel-size Kiehl’s product.
  • Origins accepts packaging from any brand (not just its own products!) in its stores.
  • Garnier partnered with TerraCycle for a recycling program that allows people to send back their empties—including shampoo caps, gel tubes and hair spray triggers.

3.Give your plastic bottle wastes to the local waste-processing agent

Don’t throw it away just yet! Collect your plastic wastes and give it to your local waste-processing agent that knows exactly what to do with those plastic packagings. They know 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) by heart, so there’s a big chance that your plastic wastes won’t just end up in landfills and sea.

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To all Indonesians, especially for Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi residents, you could bring your plastic wastes to the Waste4Change headquarters at East Bekasi. Contact us to know more about the process, we would love to recycle your trash!

Small Step is a Step After All

We in Waste4Change supports any kind of effort in keeping our planet safe. Reducing plastic waste isn’t a simple task, so does protecting the earth from all kinds of harmful substances, so we appreciate any attempt of bettering our life together as a human.

No matter how insignificant it might look, it’s huge for the environment.

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