NEC AKABIS for Young Generation

A change will eventually happen when we keep striving working for it, together. We, as one from so many people who want to have a change waste management in Indonesia, always open to be partnered and educate more people to become more responsible with their waste. This time, we partnered with Greeneration Foundation and NEC Indonesia to create their unique CSR.

Why we called their CSR is unique? It’s because NEC Indonesia targeting high school student to be their CSR target. As a technology company, NEC understand that innovation comes from good educations and it’s important for the future generation. High school students are mature enough to lead their own life. So when we give them knowledge in waste management, we hope they can act upon it, influence the community, and better if they can make new innovation in this field.

So who are the lucky schools that got this AKABIS program? They are SMAN 13, SMA N 13 Bekasi, SMKN 57 Jakarta, SMAN 34 Jakarta, and SMAN 26 Jakarta. We also select the students which can participate. Only students that have interest in environment and/ or have good leadership that is chosen. By doing this, people who are eager enough and have good influence in their community will get better knowledge in responsible waste management and when they come back they can lead their community to have better waste management.


AKABIS Bring Understanding, Not Only Educating

All participants are fully included in every session because we facilitate education through games, direct experience, and discussions. Students that already participate in the program said that they get more understanding about why responsible waste management is important. They get new point of view, what is the benefit of waste sorting and knows better where the waste will end up if they give different treatment before throw it away.

Once again, we thank NEC Indonesia, Greeneration Foundation, DLH (Dinas Lingkungan Hidup) staff in Bantar Gebang Landfill and all participant who are willingly to create a change for waste management in Indonesia.

Start from a small step, but let’s never stop! 🙂

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