Let’s Talk about Waste on PHE (Pertamina Hulu Energy) Townhall Meeting

On March 21, Waste4Change was invited by PT Pertamina Hulu Energi West Madura Offshore (PHE WMO) to share knowledge about responsible waste management. This time, we were invited to speak at Town Hall Meeting, one of the important activities for PHE Workers, with the theme “Make QHSSE Beyond Culture”.

QHSSE (Quality, Health, Safety, Security, and Environment) is one of the mandatory requirements that need to be considered in realizing the vision of PHE WMO to be a world-class oil and gas company. This theme reflects the commitment of PHE West Madura Offshore would like to take a leap to be a better office, not only culturally, but also environmentally something beyond any other office, including on waste management aspect.

Indonesia’s Ocean in State of Waste Emergency

Ocean waste topic is one of the serious environmental issues. There are many plastics in the oceans that make Ellen McArthur estimate that there will be more plastic than fish in 2050. According to data from researcher Jenna R. Jambeck in 2015, Indonesia ranked second in the list of the world’s biggest plastic waste producers with 187.2 million tons of plastic trash, after China with 262.9 million tons.

This Ocean Waste problem also cannot be separated from how the waste management in the land. We could say that many big city located on the mainland of the country, so when the waste management is bad, there probably many waste goes to river and end up on the ocean. This fact shows that collaboration on making better and responsible waste management in Indonesia is highly needed!

PHE is well aware that responsible waste management is part of conserving the oceans. So, here, in PHE Town Hall Meeting, Waste4Change share awareness on bad impact of ocean waste, and simple actions that can be done to protect the ocean.

Recycle on Waste4Change Dropping Box

On this event, Waste4Change brings their Dropping Box to collect recyclable waste from the participant. Before the event, the participant who also staff in PHE are suggested to bring their recyclable waste from home. With this method, many people are facilitated to recycle more waste from their home. In the end, we could collect 20 kg.

This event was also supported by our Event Waste Management & also Zero Waste to Landfill.

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