We designed responsible waste management specifically for 1 household. Let’s make a CHANGE for a better future of waste management in Indonesia.

Personal Inorganic Waste Management


  • Suitable for 1 house
  • Waste collection in sorting system
  • Waste sorting information sheet
  • Scheduled waste collection
  • Responsible waste collection
  • Sorted waste bin (frame & bag)

Collection Method:

  • 1x per week for inorganic waste


  • Rp 175.000/ month Rp 150.000/ month (min. 6 month subscription)
  • Installation price Rp 130.000 (paid upfront 1 time only)
  • Free 1 month service if subscribed before 24th February 2017

Service area: South Jakarta & Bekasi.

Why you should choose our service?


  • You already sort/ segregate your waste while the waste collector mix it again.
  • You are not sure if the waste are manage responsibly or not. It might be thrown to river or burnt.
  • You feel & see how waste picker in Indonesia work harder, but get less than how it should be.


By our service, we ensure responsibility on your waste management start from collection system & human resource where we collaborate with existing waste picker & increase their welfare.


I’ve made a choice to make a CHANGE!