Collaboration with Unilever Indonesia: 3R Green School Program

The apprehensive condition of Tangerang dumping sites and landfills is just one of the many examples of incorrect waste management mindset in Indonesia. The amount of waste generated in the area isn’t proportional to the available locations: too much waste to be processed, only a few places to accommodate.

Concerned with the Tangerang landfill situation, Waste4Change and Unilever collaborated in establishing the 3R Green School waste management education program, which took place for 2 months, from April 2018 to Mei 2018.

The main idea of 3R Green School program is spreading a better paradigm of waste management: instead of focusing all of our energy on recycling the waste accumulated in the landfills, we should instead put more actions on reducing the waste in the first place.

Waste4Change and Unilever firmly believed that a behavioral change towards waste management is more likely to be a solution to Tangerang landfill problems. This shared principle was resulted in a decision to involve 9 local schools in the program, ranging from elementary to senior high school, in which:

  • MTSS Nurul Islam
  • SMAN 28
  • SMA Ruhul Bayan
  • SDN Batan Indah
  • SDN Buaran
  • SDN Rawa Buntu 03
  • SDN Suradita
  • SDN Rahayu
  • SMP N 3 Cisauk

Waste management task forces were assembled from each of the school. Teams consisting of teachers and students from all the schools were given waste management training through Waste4Change’s AKABIS (Akademi Bijak Sampah – Waste Management Academy) as a part of the program. Each of the task forces was then authorized to monitor the running of 3R Green School recycling program in their respective school, also the arrangement of Recycle Day.

The Recycle Box were distributed after EDUBIS (Edukasi Bijak Sampah – Waste Management Education) session in each of the schools. All school members are encouraged to drop their empty plastic bottles and other recyclable wastes in the box. The waste-collecting phase was set to be 1 month and was evaluated weekly.

The 3R Green School program was closed with a total of 598 students were educated about waste management and recyclable wastes up to 28,7 kg were collected in the Recycle Day.

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